Saturday 1 December 2012

Save your crocodile tears, Umno delegates

7:51AM Dec 1, 2012
YOURSAY ‘It's the swan song before the party is finally put to rest. Playing the race card to the hilt and hoping for the sympathy of the Malaysians.'

Delegates shed tears over song decrying fate of Malays

your sayOnyourtoes: This is the party that talked about being sensitive to other races before the Umno assembly began.

But just look at what they rant about day and night - threatening others with May 13, shedding tears for being marginalised in their own country, lamenting that the land they stand on now belongs to someone else, mourning about their land and wealth lost to outsiders, et cetera.

When push comes to shove, this is all what Umno stands for - a corrupted party that has no qualms to use whatever means, including resorting to extreme jingoism, to gain support.

It is time enlightened Malay leaders explain the real issues at hand to the people. This country deserves better than this group of depraved, corrupt and bankrupt leaders.

LittleGiant: The Umno leadership should be ashamed of these dramatics to get their members to wallow in self-pity.

Although the Malays have progressed tremendously in the last five decades, it is the glaring uneven distribution of wealth in the Malay community that makes them feel insecure and sidelined. It has nothing to do with the non-Malays.

If the Malays feel sidelined and robbed of their wealth, it is Umno that they should hold responsible for their miseries. It is Umno that should be held answerable to the money politics it played, lack of transparency in the award of government projects and the massive corruption scandals, which have all led to a huge disparity in wealth distribution not just in the Malay community but in other communities as well.

Emotional outbursts and the shedding tears will not solve the problems of the Malays. They should have the courage to question the Umno leadership and demand honest answers to all the mismanagement and abuse of power over the last 50 odd years.

Nambekei 7: This is what will happen when you think you can fool the people all the time. Don't cry for me, Malaysia...

Visu: Yes, Dr Mahathir Mohamad's father from India also pijak the same tanah. Dr Mohd Khir Toyo's father too did the same and so did so many ‘Malays', like the ancestors of Syed Hamid Albar, Zainuddin Maidin, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and so on.

These were not the "nenek-moyang" that the song refers to. There's something very wrong with the Umno Malays.

Please look at the real Malays, they are a great people with a great mind, and now these real ‘Malays' are asking the usurping Malays from Umno to step down.

Apapunboleh: Save your crocodile tears. You will need real tears after the general election.

Vgeorgemy: This is a good send-off poem and the mood in the general assembly was apt. It's the last action of the Umnoputras before they are ousted from the power.

As far as the Malays are concerned, there is nothing to be alarmed about as they have good leaders to led them in Pakatan Rakyat.

RA 1: Pakatan must ease this particular genuine fear among the Malays to get their votes. It is no use making fun of such issues.

The native population all over the world has always lost out to the immigrant people. It is a miracle that the Malays have managed to cling on to at least political power.

Milosevic: The constitutional Malay usurps power from all, including the Orang Asli and long-settled Malays, and embarks on a path of wealth predation. That's very smart of them, but obviously they need to camouflage their usurpation in the wider cause of Malay rights.

Just look at their faces, and ask yourself how ‘Malay' they really are. As many have said, many of the Chinese and Indians have been in Malaysia even longer than these racist predators. And as everyone knows, their greatest threat is not the Chinese and Indian but the reawakening of the Malays to this crumbling set-up, which is happening.

Thus the panic now within Umno, and no amount of plagiarised songs can help their cause.

Tancc: To all Umno members with some intelligence. Umno has ruled Malaysia for 55 years. If you still feel so saddened and despair of your situation, who else to blame if not yourself for supporting these self-serving Umno leaders all these years?

Anak JB: It's the swan song before the party is finally put to rest. Playing the race card to the hilt and hoping for the sympathy of the Malaysians.

After 55 years, this is the state of the Malays and it is high time for Umno to step aside and let others to manage Malaysia for the betterment of all of us.

Hang Babeuf: For days they wallow there at PWTC in unctuous rhetoric about the need to "menjaga maruah bangsa Melayu" and to "memartabatkan masyarakat Melayu".

Then they turn on this embarrassing and revolting display, as they thrust their total lack of self-respect and of due regard for their own dignity in everybody's faces.

More, by doing so they want to make people feel guilty about what this sickening performance suggests.

It is simply an exercise in manipulation and bad faith. A display that's worse than that of the beggars who confront you in the street with their afflictions and sorry situation.

And this sleazy little "guilt-opera" is a production of a major political party that claims to hold Malay dignity and self-respect above all else.

Only political idiots could imagine destroying their own credibility in this way - and thinking that it was a smart move.

Chuath: One should cry for the Penans who are losing their land, the poor who, regardless of race, especially in Sabah and Sarawak, cannot get to hospitals or schools, etc. What in the world are those guys crying about?

They had the money, but their boss wasted them. Even when their bosses become millionaires before their eyes despite being mere public servants, these guys cry loyalty. Where do they get a herd of people like these? It's enough to make me cry.

Pemerhati: In a country where all the citizens are treated fairly and equally, no particular group should be singing such a sad song.

In Malaysia, if there is anyone who should be singing such a song, it is the people who are the victims of the discriminatory system put in place by Umno so as to get the Malay vote and remain in power and plunder the country to the tune of RM50 billion annually.

The biggest victims of the racist system are the vast majority of Malaysians, including the majority of Malays who are not in the inner circle of Umno.

If so much of the country's wealth was not siphoned off by the corrupt BN through unnecessary exorbitantly priced military hardware and overpriced infrastructure projects, Malaysians would not be burdened with tolled roads and high electricity tariffs.

Highly talented minorities disgusted with the discrimination have gone overseas, while the rich Umnoputras, the royalty and their families go overseas to seek their expensive medical and educational services.

Sad Malaysian: Nenek moyang kaya-raya? I was around The Mall during lunchtime today, and the Wanita Umno were there with their Louis Vuitton handbags... And they dare to say their nenek moyang were richer than them now.

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