Saturday 1 December 2012

Police summon two green march panel members

Two Himpunan Hijau committee members have been told to be at the Kuantan district police headquarters at 2pm tomorrow for questioning.

The two, Phua Kia Yaw and Bang Seet Peng, believe they have been summoned for questioning on the 300km green march from Kuantan to Dataran Merdeka in Kala Lumpur.

However, case investigation officer Inspector Azrulhazrin Mahiding of the Kuantan police district headquarters CID, denied that the police move has anything to do with the march.

NONEAzrulhazrin said it was related to a gathering held by the Himpunan Hijau committee at the MPK1 field in Kuantan, declining to provide further details.

Contacted by Malaysiakini this afternoon, Phua (right) and Bang confirmed that they received the summons yesterday, under Section 112 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

However, nothing is stated on the  reason or the matter they are being called.
Nevertheless, they suspect that the police action is related to the green march that ended at Dataran Merdeka last Sunday.
However, Azrulhazrin maintained that the investigation was related a Himpunan Hijau gathering at MPK1 field.

“We are only in the stage of recording statements. It has not reached the stage of investigation under any law,” said Azrulhazrin, who could not recall when the gathering was held when contacted by Malaysiakini.

'It's continuous intimidation' 

Phua and Bang slammed the police for their action, saying there appeared to be a continuous effort to intimidate and harass people's movements.

"We will turn up at the police headquarters tomorrow," said Bang, adding that she and Phua felt that such continuous intimidation of people trying to protecting their children and country should not be tolerated.
However, Azrulhazrin had later said the police action was only related to a gathering held by Himpunan Hijau at MPK1 field.

NONEPhua said that they may get a lawyer to accompany them when their statements are recorded tomorrow, as a number of them lawyers had agreed to assist on hearing about the police summon.

Meanwhile, Himpunan Hijau publicity chief Lee Chean Chung told Malaysiakini that the committee would call upon Kuantan citizens to turn up  before the district police headquarters tomorrow to show support for Phua and Bang.

Last Sunday, the marchers from Kuantan were joined by some 20,000 people as they reached Kuala Lumpur after a gruelling 13-day walk.

Yesterday, a couple, whose SUV served as a makeshift stage for Himpunan Hijau leaders at Dataran Merdeka on last Sunday, was called in for questioning by the police.

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