Saturday 1 December 2012

Walkout proves BN reps back sexist remarks

8:50AM Dec 1, 2012  
VOXPOP 'Why did the BN state assemblypersons stage a walkout? Is it because they agree and condone the Batang Kali rep's behaviour?'

Assembly fines Umno rep RM1,000 for sexist remark

vox populi small thumbnailChangeagent: Only a fine of RM1,000 for Batang Kali representative Mohd Isa Abu Kasim over his sexist remarks in the Selangor state assembly? How is it different from just giving this pervert a light tap on his knuckles?

He's not even sorry for what he uttered by the fact that he walked out of the state assembly after the motion was passed to fine him.

The Selangor assembly had failed to send a strong message that there shall be zero tolerance for those making sexist or sexually inappropriate comments against members of the opposite sex.

Giudice: Why did the BN state assemblypersons stage a walkout? Is it because they agree and condone his behaviour? It says a lot about them.

Ferdtan: Mohd Isa denied the remark was vulgar and sexist. He said he was referring to the forest in Bukit Lanjan in Selangor exco Elizabeth Wong's constituency.

Don't think that we are stupid that he can get away by playing with words - that he meant something else other than to insult a woman. I have watched the video of Mohd Isa's debate at the assembly.

If it was an innocent and serious statement, and not a sexist joke; why did the person in sweater standing behind him (could be a security officer) chuckle at his joke.

Obviously he, even though not so highly qualified as the Adun himself, understood what he was saying. You can observe his fellow Umno Adun sitting beside him also gave a smirk.

Rolling Thunder: Mohd Isa, wouldn't you and Umno reps feel hurt if other people tell your wives and daughters to "jaga their own hutan"?

It's an unbefitting, unacceptable behaviour of the Umno reps. And walking out en mass showed that your Umno colleagues are no better than you.

Telestai!: Mohd Isa deserves a RM10,000 fine for making the sexist comment and lying through his teeth after that. This is unbecoming of an assemblyman.

Fair&Just: Those BN reps who walk out do not deserve to be in the state assembly representing their constituencies.

As YBs (yang berhormat), they are responsible for the welfare of the state and yet they staged a walkout in support of such uncouth remarks leaving their posts unattended.

Women in their constituencies should wake up and kick them out at the next GE. You reap what you sow.

Sedar Rakyat: Now the honourable member can go back to the forest where he came from.

Waytha: Vell's claim Hindraf approached MIC 'absolute lie'

Dr Suresh Kumar Vell Paari, MIC went to bed with Umno for over 50 years. For almost half of those years, your father was the party supremo and a cabinet minister. Why did he renege on his duties as the custodian of the Indian community?

Look at the plight of this hardworking community today. MIC ingrates colluding with their Umno masters have turned them into outcasts.

If you are truly sincere in the 'unity' talk, then get your party MPs and ministers resign en bloc from their government posts first, and cease to be mandores, in order to earn the trust of the Indians and Hindraf.

Ferdtan P Waythamoorthy, please make up your mind fast. Hindraf cannot remain on the sidelines forever. If you want to be part of mainstream politics to further the cause of the Indian Malaysians, you have to choose either BN or Pakatan Rakyat.

The general election is just a few months away, so you procrastinate at your own peril or at the Indians'. Like Malaysiakini cartoonist, Zunar said: "Even my pen has a stand". Let us know if you are a friend or foe.

In politics, there are no perfect or permanent friends, we align with coalition partners based on common goals. There are bound to be differences in some issues but I am sure these cannot be so mutually exclusive that you cannot work together with Pakatan.

BN had their five decades to help the Indians and they have lost the chance; so it is time to find to find a new partner. Not only are your Hindraf followers totally clueless of your real stand, we are too.

Joe Fernandez: MIC and the racists in Umno sabotaged then PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's plan to meet with Hindraf leaders before the Nov 25, 2007 uprising.

The proposed meet fell apart when Hindraf leaders were told to meet with MIC president S Samy Vellu instead and channel their grievances to the government through that party.

Since when did Samy become the prime minister for the Indian nation in Malaysia?

Bala 'vindicated' by Deepak's expression of regret

Louis: So the first SD (statutory declaration) is true. Such a super serious accusation and allegation against a sitting PM can just be passed off without a comment from ruling parties.

Umno leaders as usual have to brush it aside because most of them are equally tainted. What about MCA leaders? They have been crying foul over hudud laws, persecution of of hairdressers and lately chopping down a few trees in Penang.

But when issues of such paramount seriousness and importance crops up, not a whimper from them.

What about Gerakan? Still vociferous in protest against DAP for selling Taman Manggis, which is trivial in comparison to this issue.

RR: It is very sad and disgusting to read this matter. Umno leaders have lost their credibility. We need sincere and dedicated leaders without any greed and vengeance to lead this beautiful country. God help Malaysia.

GXFC: PM Najib Razak's silence is deafening.

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