Thursday 5 May 2011

Relax, no one is challenging Islam's supremacy

'The only ground Umno can take is to be extreme. And with that, Pembela and Perkasa are given wide berth to spread hatred.'

Islam under siege in M'sia, warns Pembela

Quigonbond: Islam's constitutional status has never been an issue, period. The supremacy of Islam as an official religion and the fear of its displacement has only come up in recent times when Umno can no longer find support amongst all Muslims in the country, and PAS and Umno fights for the "most pious" position to gain political support.

With PAS affording to be moderate, the only ground Umno can take is to be extreme. And with that, people like Pembela and Perkasa are given wide berth to spread hatred and backwardness.

The BN government is pursuing a course that they can only lose in the long run. Urbanites of all religions and races have come together against them. They are also the more affluent ones. In time, armed with the most of knowledge and technology, they will influence the rural folks. BN will then fall.

Anonymous_5fb: Pembela, janganlah kamu buatkan Muslim macam orang 'bodoh'. Ramai orang Islam tak seperti kamu. Bawa malu pada sendiri cukuplah, buat apa nak libatkan Muslim lain?

Apa gunanya Islam tu sebagai ugama rasmi negara sedangkan Muslim seperti kamu buat Islam ni macam terdiri daripada umat yang tidak siuman, tak erti lumrah hakikat hidup sejagat?

Malukan Melayu macam kamu cukuplah, jangan cemarkan nama mulia Islam. Pembela kononnya, tapi dibela oleh siapa agaknya?

Abasir: I absolutely agree with Pembela! Islam is under siege indeed.

The evidence is all around us: the sponsored fitnah against leaders, the orchestrated sex video revelations, the exposure of young formative minds to sexual depravity through the official mass media, the development money-for-votes scandal during every 'buy' election, the open endorsement and usage of religious oaths to circumvent the law, the denial of oil royalties to the rakyat who choose to exercise their democratic rights and most sinful of all, the elegant silence of the clergy in the face of all these gross and persistent violations.

Clearly, these run counter to all Islamic tenets and are designed to systematically undermine the status of Islam in Malaysia. Pembela must be congratulated for speaking up.

Malaysiasakit: Pembela, did you forget about the incident where two Al Islam journalists went into the sanctuary of one of our churches, partook holy communion and spat it out? Do you realise how heart broken we were when our holy sacraments were defiled?

Yet we prayed that God will forgive you for you knew not what you did. Do you also realise every Sunday, all churches in Malaysia pray for the well-being of our Yang Di Pertuan Agong, the Islamic head of the country, as well as for the prime minister.

M'sia1st: Groups like Pembela or Perkasa or other NGOs could rightfully exist in any democratic society. We should not blindly attack their existence, just because their actions or words are different from yours or mine.

However, living in the present supposedly civilised society, we expect a much more matured and well-balanced arguments, discussion and exchange of views. Let anyone, including you and me say anything we want, and let them say too.

Islam's position in our Federal Constitution won't be simply changed just because of our differing opinions. The Muslims must show that they are true to their religion, so do the rest. In the end, what we all want is to co-exist and live happily in this beloved country of ours.

Any form of extremism should not be allowed to flourish, or else we shall be cursed by many generations to come.

Sulaiman Abdullah2: The real threat comes from narrow-minded views like the Christians can't use the word 'Allah' and the issues pertaining to the Malay Bible? The real threat to Islam comes when crooks go to a mosque to take an oath in the sex video case.

Anti-Moron: As a Muslim, I find this ridiculous. What siege are we under and from whom? We are afraid that non-Muslims printing the Bible in BM and using kalimah Allah as threat to our akidah? So are we Muslims so weak? Are you insulting the intelligence of Muslims?

To be fair to the Christians, the word 'Allah' has appeared a long time ago in their Bible printed in Indonesia, and has been used in other Arab world. Muslims in other country have no issue with it. What is so special about us Muslims in Malaysia?

Are we so backward in understanding our akidah that we can become apostates just because others use the word 'Allah'? Please spend your time fighting corruption and learning more about Islam then wasting time behaving like idiots.

David Dass: There should be a proper understanding of the Federal Constitution. Islam is stated to be the religion of the federation but others are free to practice their religions and to organise their own religions.

Sabah and Sarawak came to Malaysia on their own terms recognising their substantial Christian populations. Other religions may not proselytise amongst Muslims but they are free too preach to each other. And there are no issues amongst them in this regard.

Non-Muslims are citizens and taxpayers. They are guaranteed their freedoms - of movement, of association, of expression. The state cannot discriminate against a citizen because of his race or religion. The sooner Pembela and Perkasa recognise the fact that Malaysia belongs to the non-Malays and non-Muslims as much as it does the Malays and Muslims the better.
Pembela should give some respect to the Hindus, Buddhists and Christians whose experience of religion and spirituality is rich and long. None of us should have the arrogance of believing that ours is the only true way and that others will be condemned by God.

God is all knowing and all seeing. He sees into the hearts of men. He will know evil men and he will know good men. One can proclaim oneself a man of God and yet have evil reside in one's heart. Will God condone someone who advocates violence against another?

Let rationality and common sense guide us. Let us proceed with our affairs in peace and harmony knowing that God is all wise and merciful and all powerful. He will do what is required.

Geronimo: Umno desecrated the Holy Bible and yet people like Pembela spokesperson Yusri Mohamad have the gall to say the Christians are going against Islam. What kind of warped logic is this?

When the two Al Islam reporters committed sacrilege in a Catholic church and the church complained about their actions, I guess Yusri will also said that the church is anti-Islam. Churches were burnt and the Christian community complained, was this be another anti-Islam move as well? Grow up, Yusri.

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