Thursday 5 May 2011

Islam under siege? Yes, but not by non-Muslims

'The 'sumpah laknat' show masjids are blatantly abused to achieve Umno's ulterior motives. It's Umno and Jawi that allow such institutions to be used.'

Islam under siege in M'sia, warns Pembela

Rayfire: Does God need protection? Do people need to be overzealous about protecting one's religion? What does that say about one's understanding and trust on the ability of its followers and the religion itself?

These are the questions that Pembela should answer first. If every single act is construed as undermining Islam, I am not sure they truly understand and believe in the resilience of their religion against these so-called threats.

Please re-evaluate your perspective of the role of religion in your life and don't use it as an excuse to gain attention for all the wrong reasons.

KSN: Why can't Idris Jala, who is a Christian, handle the Bible issue? Can Pembela or someone else explain it rationally and intelligently? He is a minister in the cabinet and obviously, he has been delegated that job.

Is this group saying that a Muslim minister should handle it even if it concerns the Christians? The question this group of people should ask themselves is why the Malay-language bibles were held back in the first place and why can't Christians use the word 'Allah' in Bahasa Malaysia to refer to God.

It is just a word and widely used in the Arab world. So why are the Muslims here worried about that?

Phra Ong Chao: The last time I checked, Idris was appointed Minister in the PM's Department and not Minister of Christian Affairs. So, how is that unconstitutional? Does Pembela spokesperson Yusri Mohamad mean to say that it is unconstitutional or illegal for the PM's Department to look after the welfare of non-Muslim Malaysians?

Dood: Yes, Islam's position is "under siege" in Malaysia - not by non-Muslims but by extremist groups like Pembela who sow hatred, distrust and suspicion between non-Muslims and Muslims, as well as insecurity among Muslims themselves.

Ironically, it is the extremists themselves who cause their own religion to be undermined and belittled by their actions.

Pakman: Islam is under siege only if we allow the present regime to deceive us about PAS and bully the Chinese into becoming paranoid about the real teaching of Islam.

Even the recent events involving 'sumpah laknat', masjids had been blatantly abused to achieve Umno's ulterior motives. It's Umno and Jawi that allowed such institutions to be used without due regards to proper method and means accorded in Islamic teachings.
Pembela is blind to such abuses to the extent that even the existence of the syariah courts to help interpret and apply Islamic laws are ignored.

Nik V: Islam is under threat only by ultra groups like this. Most Malaysians are respectful of all religions until groups like this appear and become the spokespersons of the faith.

If the sultans want to protect Islam, they should protect Islam from groups like this which paint a negative image of Islam. Islam should be a proud and confident faith, not an arrogant and insecure faith the way Pembela and Perkasa portray it to be.

Anonymous_3e46: If one's religion is under siege, it is because of one's own doing. Look at how religion is dragged into the recent sex scandal. Malaysia has been a very much blessed country compared to other countries, where one disaster after another has fallen.

No one can threaten anyone else when all privileges and rights have been enshrined in the constitution. Devote time to policies which promote peace and development rather than concoct up imaginary problems.

Malaysiasakit: When one stands up against abuse and suppression, they say Islam is under seige. When is Islam not under seige? When you freely trample on the rights of other religions when you drag cow heads in public and burn churches?

Is this what Islam is all about? Where is the love? These guys obviously don't realise that the worst enemies of Islam are themselves!

Anonymous_3f7a: Islam is a beautiful religion. It's these fanatics who give Islam a bad name. No one can touch Islam if it is applied correctly.

OMG: How can the majority be under siege? Where are the threats and insults? Where is the power to dominate Islam in this country?

I have had enough of Pembela and Perkasa spewing racist, bigoted rubbish. Do they know how much I pay in taxes to sustain their benefits. I don't get the benefits that they get, which I have no issue with because I don't need or want any handouts. I can manage without crutches even though I wasn't born rich.

But they should be more mindful of every Malaysian contribution to our beloved country. PM Najib Razak's refusal to shut them down is indicative of weak leadership.

Peaceful thought 111: Why can't we live in peace and not drag religion into politics? Religion is between God and the person who believes in him only. It doesn't concern any third parties. God loves for us to love everyone.

Nobody can take God from anyone's heart or impose God on people. You don't need laws or a constitution to protect a religion as we must be able to chose what we want to believe. As long Malays are the majority, how can Islam be under siege?

Anonymous_5fb: Stupidity all over. Everyone should leave Islam alone, the Malays inclusive. Islam is not owned by any one race of the world.

Cannon: No where - in no country across the Muslim world - is the use of the term 'Allah' an issue except in Malaysia. The only thing these countries don't have and we have is Umno.

Malaysians have not known such contentious and divisive disputes until the rule of Mahathir's Umno. Perkasa and Pembela play up race and religion, respectively. Umno has written off its BN partners and is sowing discord among Malaysians to fish for Malay votes to win the next general election.

Perkasa and Pembela are trying to paint the Chinese community and the Christians as threats to the Malay community. We, Malaysians, must be rational and united, and not fall into their trap.

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