Friday 1 June 2012

Be a Malaysiakini GE13 volunteer

Malaysia is bracing for one of the most explosive and important general election ever as a reinvigorated BN will be attempting to stave off a vigorous challenge from the fledgling  Pakatan Rakyat

As before, Malaysiakini’s coverage will attempt to equip readers with front-row seats for the epic political brawl, along with incisive analysis and commentary.

But Malaysiakini’s small editorial team is unable perform this task alone. We need editorial volunteers, from all walks of life, to help us source and produce news.

This is an excellent opportunity - particularly for journalism students or anyone who wish to explore journalism - to work alongside seasoned Malaysiakini journalists and produce news that will help the Malaysian public make an informed choice on polling day.

From the dissolution of Parliament until polling day.

1) Reporting local and state level election issues
2) Documenting public opinion and question candidates/parties
3) Monitor the electoral process for fraud
4) Provide live updates for election results

1) A commitment towards democracy and press freedom
2) A commitment towards teamwork
3) English-writing capabilities
4) Possess own transportation

A training workshop will be held in June. Applicants for this position should respond to by June 10, 2012. For further information, please call: 03 2283 5567 and speak to Andrew Ong.

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