Friday 1 June 2012

What's the penalty for treason? Isn't it hanging?

YOURSAY 'We want the PM to say something about this. The world should hear from him - that he is innocent and that the allegations are cooked up.'

French 'bought' top secret document from M'sian Navy

your sayAbsolom: Very bold and daring allegations are being made against the prime minister and the world is watching for a reaction.

It makes us very upset and embarrassed that someone from another country has accused our top leader and the government of wrongdoings of colossal proportions.

We want the PM to say something about this. The world should hear from him - that he is innocent and that the allegations are cooked up.

And why are his deputy and the others not defending him? Why are the BN coalition partners also not saying anything about it?

They should come out and defend him and lend their support. Also the ex-PM, instead of commenting on the weakness of the PM's leadership, should come out to defend him.

This is more important than sabotaging opposition ceramah. So go defend the PM.

Odin: Just to recap:

1. Payment to Perimekar, which is nothing more than a travel agency, for ‘co-ordination services' - 114 million euro (RM450 million);

2. Payment to Terasasi (Hong Kong) Ltd - 36 million euro (RM142 million);

3. Terasasi and Perimekar are both owned by Abdul Razak Baginda. His wife, Mazlinda, is a director in Perimekar, while his father is a director in Terasasi.

We have been informed that, among other details, there was an invoice by Terasasi dated Oct 1, 2000 for 100,000 euro (RM400,000), and there was also an invoice from Terasasi to Thint Asia, dated Aug 28, 2004 for 359,450 euro (RM1.43 million) with a handwritten note stating, 'Razak wants it in a hurry'.

PM Najib Razak is definitely linked to this. What is the penalty for treason? Isn't it hanging?

Ez24get: So defence minister and the Malaysian Army, why are you sitting on your butts? Are your butts only for showing at Bersih co-chairperson S Ambiga's house or are your butts in it too?

Umno is the real traitor of the country - selling our nation's defence secrets and ICs (identity cards) to foreigners.

Yet former Perak Menteri Besar Nizar Jamaluddin and PKR strategic director Mohd Rafizi Ramli are probed for protecting the rakyat's money.

It's a topsy-turvy world in Malaysia; and not even a squeak from the mainstream media, the sultans, Perkasa and other NGOs which are so concerned about protecting the nation.

Hanyayangbenar: This scandal will only make Najib's ruling regime cheat to ensure victory in next general election.

This is because they know that not only Najib and his associates will land themselves in jail but many other Umno leaders will be prosecuted as well from other cases, which are not exposed yet.

Malaysians must wake up and demand for a clean and fair electoral process before the big day. Anything less than the granting of the Bersih's eight demands will not be tolerated.

Uselessbuntuttwarriors: The Agong must ask Najib to step aside until he clears his name. The deputy prime minister can temporarily takes over.

The rakyat support you, Your Highness. Tell Najib he is not above the law.

Kairos: This new revelation about the selling of the secret documents to a French company is very damning to Najib. He was the defence minister then, who would have access to the highly-classified material.

The fact that the money was deposited into an account of individuals closely linked to the PM as well as connected to the Altantuya murder is surely not coincidental.

It appears to me that the French lawyers are the only people in the legal profession who have the conscience, integrity, and courage to seek out the truth. The silence of the whole legal system in Malaysia is very disturbing.

I am forced to conclude that there is not even a single person (my goodness!) in our legal fraternity who has a conscience.

Either they are hardened, stupid, indifferent or just plain cowardly. Whatever it is, they are a real disgrace to the noble profession of law that they represent.

AA: It is always said that Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim was selling Malaysia to the western powers, especially the US and Israel, but now it's proven that it is actually Umno that has been doing it.

I am sure in order to have the courage to sell a document worth 36 million euro (RM142 million), they would have started off selling minor documents for smaller fees all along.

And since no one has ever gotten caught for such deeds, possibly the documents traded recently by Umno with their foreign counterparts or some business tycoons are worth much more than 36 million euro.

Anonymous #19098644: Selling defence secrets is treason, which is not just punishable by jail but deserves the death sentence as it can imperil the lives of our men and women in the armed forces.

This is absolutely shocking and if the ruling party is involved, the government should resign as Najib and company are unfit to rule.

Kbe: The PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) is too busy investigating former Perak MB Nizar Jamaluddin for his seditious tweet against a successful bidder of a car registration number to be bothered about this.

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