Friday 1 June 2012

Take action or face music, assaulted DAP duo tell cops

The two DAP members assaulted by a gang of three have threatened to hold a rally in front of the Home Ministry should the police fail to take stern action against their attackers, who have been identified.

NONEIn the Wednesday night incident, V Ganabatirau and his brother V Raidu (left in photo), both of whom are leaders of Hindraf splinter group Malaysia Indian Voice, were attacked by three men said to be BN supporters as they were going to a funeral in Klang.

Raidu has sustained a broken arm and neck bone, while Ganabatirau’s nose was severely injured.

With Raidu is still warded at a hospital in Klang, Ganabatirau is upset with police inaction, despite the identities  of the perpetrators having been confirmed 36 hours earlier.

He said the police visited him at the hospital to record a statement at 3am on Thursday, in which several photographs of the suspects were shown to him.

“I immediately recognised one of them and the police said they know him and his home address as he is on their wanted list.

NONE“But after two days, I have yet to see any action from them,” Ganabatirau (right) said when Malaysiakini met him at the hospital in Klang today.
He said the attack is yet another case of targeted violence against a slew of opposition leaders lately.

“It seems like those assailants have some kind of immunity, none of them have been arrested up to now.”

He said should  the situation persist, he would have no choice but to organise a protest at the Home Ministry’s office.

“It seems there is an order coming from the highest authority (that caused the inaction),” he said.

The Selangor DAP committee member had been discharged from hospital yesterday, but is still troubled by various swellings and pain on his body.

Raidu, on the other hand, started to experience the severe pain of  his wounds today as he stopped consuming painkillers.

A round of scans was done on the MIV chairperson today, after he had undergone arm surgery yesterday. It is yet to be determined whether his neck dislocation requires surgery.

Supporters and friends give moral support

A slew of supporters and friends were seen packing Raidu’s room to give moral support to the siblings.

In a brief conversation with Malaysiakini, Raidu said he is not discouraged by the attack and will continue to struggle until “the last drop of blood”.

Recalling the incident, he said his action to protect his brother from an attack using a metal object was done subconsciously and out of love for Ganapatirau.

When asked what he felt about the assailants, he said he still has faith in the police and the judiciary to accord him justice, but will react accordingly if the authorities fail him.

“I will leave it to my brother to do what is necessary if there is no action,” he said.

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