Wednesday 21 November 2012

Politics of revenge: No bridge over troubled waters

YOURSAY ‘We may as well have no election as BN has a policy of ‘I win you lose, you win also you lose'.'

Umno rep: Klang didn't get its bridge because BN lost

your sayNot Confused: So because the rakyat chose to elect Pakatan Rakyat to run Selangor, they are punished by the federal government.

Projects that are the responsibility of the federal authorities should be implemented regardless of who is in power at state level - is that not how it should work?

So those of us in Selangor who pay our taxes to the federal government are made to suffer? I think that is a clear reason why this government of thieves and hoodlums must be thrown out at the general election.

They have lost all credibility to continue to rule Malaysia when they so are so blatantly blackmailing the rakyat in this way.

Vasudevan: Lies and more lies and more lies. Cukuplah itu (That's enough). Do not think we are stupid. If this was 20 years ago, we would have bought this story. We, the rakyat, are tired of this kind of mentality.

We want a government that does not threaten or say, "I will do this if you vote for me". This has to stop. You will do it because you are paid by the rakyat to do it. This is not your father's money.

Anonymous #57995797: So this is what? You help me, I help you? Don't we also pay taxes?

Anonymous_40f4: Win or lose, the federal government still collects taxes from the people of Selangor and the Selangor government. So they are obliged to fulfill their promise.

The MP for my area is from DAP but we pay our fees to Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) and not to the MP. So DBKL is duty bound to provide and upgrade its services.

They can't say the people voted for DAP so they won't provide their services. Then we might as well pay our assessment rates or taxes to the DAP MP, so he can provide the services himself.

Dood: Ah, but of course - taxpayers' money is Umno or BN's money to spend where and when they please. How could I have forgotten such a basic principle of Malaysian politics?

Wira: Janji diketepikan (Promises put aside).

P Dev Anand Pillai: The people of Klang are managing well with three bridges over the river for the moment, the third one being the Connaught bridge near the power station.

What the people of Klang wanted to put an end to was corruption and a state government that couldn't care less for its people by continuing to disregard their interest.

The flyover near Metro Plaza was delayed too but it was finally completed and is in full use now, so we believe that with a prudent MB like Khalid Ibrahim at the helm, we would get the fourth bridge soon at the most appropriate cost.

Swipenter: BN practices vindictive politics. Any arguments on that?

Disgusted: This type of talk is third world mentality. Pakatan has never said:

"You vote for me, I will give you development. If you don't vote for me, we will ignore you and not give you any allocation from the federal funds (which is derived from taxes from all rakyat, immaterial who they come under) and make you suffer for your choice of enforcing democracy."

We may as well have no election as BN has the policy of "I win you lose, you win also you lose". That's why Pakatan has to win 13th GE and get to Putrajaya so that the whole country can prosper, immaterial of who the rakyat vote for.

Anonymous #59082512: So, does it imply that Klangites can chose not to pay taxes if our choice of candidate does not win the election too?

In fact, this shameless self-disclosure affirmatively reflects that Umno-BN is definitely a bunch of 'devils you know', a sanctuary for thieves like "cakap tak serupa bikin, bikin tak serupa cakap (Don't do as you say, don't say as you do)" liars.

Louis: Holding the public at ransom again. BN or Umno or MCA are parties without ideas for bringing the country forward, except through bribery.

They never promise the rakyat that "if we win the election, we will try to eradicate corruption or abuse of power". Most probably, they are of that kind.

Hello: Hey BN, a promise is a promise whether you are elected or not. Just for this, you will not be elected to government throughout the whole of Malaysia - states or federal.

Hang Babeuf: Didn't get their bridge because they voted the wrong way? Well, there you have it - neat, clear and simple. And right out of the horse's (or desperado's) mouth.

A racketeer's confession: that the politics that are practised by those guys are based simply on blackmail and bribery. "You scratch my back, I scratch yours"?

No, not this time. Instead I spit in your face. And I will go on doing so in future, until you stop this disgusting racket, start treating people honourably, and commit yourselves and your party to a truly progressive form of national politics.

Gerard Lourdesamy: Was the money for the bridge coming from BN funds? It is public funds and if the bridge was deemed necessary then whatever the outcome of the general election, it should not have mattered since the government is required to serve the public interest and not score political points.

This is the kind of democracy practiced in Malaysia. What a disgrace. Why is the Selangor sultan keeping quiet about this admission from the BN?

What it means is that the BN holds the rakyat hostage using the taxpayers' money and will only use it for the benefit of the people provided they vote for BN.

Since I have never voted for the BN, shouldn't I have the option of not paying my taxes then to a BN federal government?

TimsTime: Why then are they so keen on Langat 2 water project? Is it not being the government is to be of service to the rakyat?

Now we see the true colours of the BN government. No wonder Kelantan never got their oil royalty. BN should all the more win back the hearts of the rakyat instead of the turning their back on them.

Now we know who we are going to vote for. BN, your days are numbered. Less than six months to go. We can wait.

Doomedrakyat: If BN loses, it will rescind all development. That means it should also pay back the rakyat all the taxes it has collected by returning every penny to the state government.

What is this business that you collect money for yourselves in the name of BN and deny everything for Selangorians?

Jack Goh: With this kind of mentality, I doubt if they could even qualify to be an effective opposition member.

The sad thing is Selangor Opposition Leader Satim Diman might be the few persons in there that is considered to have some brain. Imagine what the vast majority of the other idiots would say if they are elected to office.

Anomnim: The days of politicians threatening the public with our own money must end and noted in our history books as the dark ages of Malaysia.

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