YOURSAY 'The home minister and his cousin, the PM, are both quiet on the alleged rape. The police are now a law unto themselves.'

Police probe fresh Indonesian maid abuse ca

your sayLamborghini: It is good and right that our government has condemned the rape of the Indonesian woman.

Rape is one of the vilest acts of aggression because it is carried out against the victim(s) just to satisfy the aggressor's lust. And especially when the victims are considered easy, vulnerable targets.

While there is rightful outcry against the rape of Indonesians in Malaysia, why is there a no similar outrage and action against the rape of Penan girls and women in Sarawak by the loggers?

Up till today, in spite of police reports and even acknowledgment by the government, not a single person has been caught and convicted in court.

Are we sending out the message that rape of foreign women are unacceptable because of possible political and economic repercussions, while rape of local women is acceptable because they don't know their rights and have no voice, and we can just ignore them and pretend it did not happen?

Shanandoah: The home minister and his cousin, the PM, are both quiet on this matter. Have they lost control of the police force?

Just look at the police hierarchy and you will understand why the police behave this way. They are a law unto themselves. They are protected no matter what laws they have broken.

Hang Tuah PJ: As a Malaysian, can I also protest in front of the Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia about the thousands of illegal Indonesians, many of whom have being going around robbing, raping and murdering Malaysians for the last couple of decades and crowding us out of our tamans?

Odin: Hang Tuah PJ, I think there is a big difference between the two issues. The illegal Indonesian immigrants exist because the Malaysian government in actuality encourages the influx - to swamp the so-called ‘pendatangs' and create a pool of pro-BN voters.

That means the said government, not the Indonesian government, is answerable for their misbehaviour and nefarious acts. Should we want to protest, we do so in front of the Home Minister's office and not the Indonesian Embassy.

My total sympathy goes to the two alleged rape victims. The dastardly act is simply unforgivable, especially that the victims are foreigners and one of whom is only 15 years young, and among the perpetrators are police officers.

Foreigners must always be made to feel safe and be safe in this country. The cases must be investigated thoroughly, and the full force of the law exacted on the suspects when convicted.

Anonymous #59879079: Why do these rape cases happen in Malaysia and we don't hear much of such cases in Singapore?

Because law and order has broken down in Malaysia while Singapore adopts a no-nonsense attitude in enforcing the law. The home minister and inspector-general of police (IGP) should know what to do.

Whatsup: My heart goes out to the victims, and I condemn the perpetrators - in fact, all perpetrators of criminal acts (be it hate-mongering, racism, etc).

Let's see how these two cases unfold, as the latest case interestingly happened immediately after the first. Are there more than meet the eyes?

Onyourtoes: My apologies to the Indonesian women who were raped. Whatever your circumstances now, I believe your chance of seeing justice rendered to those who committed wrong against you is better than those who have raped the Penan women in Sarawak.

Spirit of Malaya: All this will not happen if our police force was truly independent. This is a result of the political masters interfering in the civil service and the police top brass trying to appease the politicians in return for favours.

Let's not pretend it doesn't exist. You can't change this despicable system anymore - when your plant is infested with parasites, the best thing to do is uproot it and replace it with a new plant.

CiViC: That's the problem, as much as police officers think they can get away with crime themselves, that's as much as any person thinks they can get away from the police for committing crime.

It is indeed right to say perception plays a major role here, the police are perceived to be corrupt and are criminals themselves, thus any Tom, Dick or Harry shall act as if there's no law.

Keturunan Malaysia: What I cannot stand are the ones that scream and beat their chests about just how good and pure they are, but in fact the most lawless, more so when we entrusted and/or pay them to ensure the good and proper administration of law and order. These are the scums of the earth.

Artchan: Since the crime is committed against Indonesians, I suggest we send the police to be tried by the Indonesian courts.

Bystander: Whao, the same enforcement agency which is now investigating this Indonesian maid rape in Seremban is also being accused to have three of their officers committed an identical crime.

It is just same, same different.