Saturday 17 November 2012

How could rape happen in a police station?

YOURSAY 'I think these few rogue police must have done the same to other female migrant workers before, judging from their audacity.'

Alleged victim of police rape wants to go home

your sayChangeagent: Foreign Minister Anifah Aman, where is the strong condemnation of this heinous crime allegedly committed by members of the police force? Where is the outrage? Why is the government so blasé about the incident?

Having a press conference and announcing that the completed investigation findings will be handed to the deputy public prosecutor for further action means absolutely nothing at all because that's already a given.

And why hasn't the home minister who has jurisdiction over the police force kept mum so far? Get him to come out of his slumber and issue a public statement too.

Kayu: This is something so unimaginable. The very ones that the society supposed to put their trust in are the ones allegedly committing the crime.

I stay around the area in Prai and am very familiar with the area. I don't think this is the first incident. I have seen the patrol cars tailing taxis and cars and flagging them down many times before.

This could have been their modus operandi. The poor girl would not be the first one, I bet. How could this incident happen in a police station? The government and the NGOs should look into ways of preventing this. Heads must roll.

Southpaw: I think these few rogue police officers must have done the same to other female migrant workers before, judging from their audacity in committing such a crime in a police station itself.

20121221Disaster: Indeed, I think these police have done it before. Only this time the victim is brave enough to take a stand against them. We must thank the brave woman.

Anonymous #19098644: This is morally reprehensible. Police are supposed to protect the people, not to prey on them. This has given a bad name to our police force, which is mainly professional.

It has tarnished the image of Malaysia and Penang. The home minister has been denying the rise in the crime rate, and the abuses committed in police stations resulting in unexplained deaths.

Instead of preventing crime and protecting people, the police send 15 people to investigate a blogger who supposedly insulted the Sultan of Johor. They send a team of 10 to investigate PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli for exposing the crimes of BN politicians.

They have 6,000 Special Branch personnel busy preparing reports on Pakatan Rakyat leaders. Then they claim that the police are under resourced.

The best thing that can happen is for Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein to resign for his incompetence and the misuse of the police force. The next best thing to happen is for the BN to be kicked out at the next elections for failing the people and the country.

Kelate: This calls into question the morale and discipline of the police force as a whole.

This is not an isolated case, many similar irresponsible incidents had happened. What kind of training and discipline did the force undergo?

Seeing the videos of the brutality of the police during Bersih 3.0 rally and many other incidents; that they denied any wrongdoing and the superficial investigation done by them, are clear proof that a major overhaul of the entire police force is urgently needed and none of the top police personnel can be entrusted or capable or are willing to make the needed changes.

OMG!!: Let's not jump to conclusion and turn this incident into a trial by the media and a political circus.

Nevertheless, the government of the day must have the courage to set up the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) and improve the governance process pertaining to police arrests, detention and treatment of suspects.

Pemerhati: Going by what has happened in the country in the past, the top people in the political leadership, the enforcement agencies and the judiciary are having a serious discussion as to which type of ‘sandiwara' or strategy they should use.

Should it be the approach taken to exonerate the chief minister of a state when he allegedly raped an underaged girl?

Or should they use the tactic used by a minister when he allegedly bought the silence of the rape victim by spending a lot of money?

Or should they get their medical experts to say that there is no physical evidence to indicate any wrongdoing as they did in the cases of Teoh Beng Hock and A Kugan?

Or should they just say that rape did take place but the three police officers have a bright future and hence no harsh action should be taken against them?

Odin: In any civlised, advanced country, the home minister and the inspector-general of police would have resigned their positions by now. They would not even wait for the suspects to be proven guilty and sentenced. But this is Malaysia.

Sepang: It's time to implement IPCMC. What are we waiting for? Need more police brutality, police rape, police beating people to death, and police kill detainees cases?

Gunner: It appears that no place in this country is safe. Not even the police station.

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