Saturday 15 September 2012

Umno corporate leader declares support for Pakatan

A leading Umno corporate figure in Sabah, Ibrahim Menudin, today announced his resignation from the party to support the opposition.

Making the announcement at a ceremony with PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim at Kampung Tanjung Aru, Labuan, Ibrahim declared his allegiance to PKR.

This was confirmed by PKR vice-president Tian Chua in a Twitterposting.
Ibrahim MenudinHowever when contacted and asked whether Ibrahim would contest, Chua said, “We will see. We will discuss it.”

Ibrahim (right), who professed himself as among the early leaders to bring Umno into Sabah, cited endemic corruption as triggering his decision to abandon the party.

He is chairperson of Suria Capital Holdings Berhad whose wholly-owned subsidiary Sabah Ports Sdn Bud, manages all eight ports in the state.

He was also former Sabah Umno treasurer.

Previously, Ibrahim's name had been bandied around when speculation first emerged that an imminent defection was pending in Sabah.

He had also been named in the blogosphere as a potential candidate for the Labuan parliamentary constituency.

Three other major Sabah figures had defected thus far, namely Beaufort MP Lajim Ukin, Tuaran MP Wilfred Bumburing and senator Maijol Mahap.

'Positive mood in Sabah'

Chua said there may be more defections to come as more BN leaders try to leave the party.

“There may be a big (political) earthquake in Sabah. The mood is very different...

“If you look at the response from Umno leaders, they are very cautious and very worried. I think the mood of the people is very high,” he said.

He also claimed that the ceremony-cum-ceramah drew a crowd of about 2,000.


  1. I know Datuk Ibrahim Menudin since he is also from Labuan, my birth place.

    I also know something in Suria Capital Bhd as I had been attending the AGM for almost 15 years and contributing much from the floor at the AGM.

    I wish IM would reveal more about the corruption?

    I want to know who now own the 23ac land at the Harbour at KK.

  2. Happy Malaysia Day to all.

    Wish we can more happy even after almost 50 years of independence..

    Christians should rise up as what God's goodness on earth should be used for His Glory alone and we as holy loyal priesthood should play our part well now on earth and then onwards to heaven.

    What is loose on earth will be lost in heaven..

  3. Jk’s Digest 1 of September, 2012- Message for Malaysia Day 2012

    “Ibrahim (right), who professed himself as among the early leaders to bring Umno into Sabah, cited endemic corruption as triggering his decision to abandon the party.”

    ENDEMIC corruption has been going on in Sabah and Malaysia for decades and I feel happy and convinced that someone had declared it publicly.
    That conviction albeit much too late and long in coming, and it is better late than never.
    So what can each one of us handle this message?
    We all know the reasons and criminal excuses for so much corruption since 1963 when Independence was meant to give better prospects to all but none is so true that only some small groups grab all using the scapegoat in the big groups of poor, oppressed and deprived folks. The gap of wealth is getting bigger and something very serious is definitely wrong.
    Stand up and stand tall in the fight against endemic corruption as the compelling message on 16 September, 2012.

    Joshua Y. C. Kong
    PM for IGGG Malaysia for the good of all.