Saturday 15 September 2012

Is there a home minister in the house? — The Malaysian Insider

SEPT 15 — Considering the public perception of crime and a number of attacks on opposition politicians, one has to ask the question, is there a home minister in the country?

Is there someone responsible in the current government to ensure that each and every citizen can feel safe and secure in the country?

Is there someone responsible in the government to see to it that politicians of all stripes and hues and from any side of the aisle can move freely and campaign unhindered and unmolested?

Is there someone in the government who can rise above partisan politics to provide internal security for the country and not condone political hooliganism of any sort?

Is there someone in Putrajaya who will make sure that the international trade and industry minister and the foreign minister don’t have to make excuses to foreign investors and diplomats about the state of crime and political violence in Malaysia?


Because there doesn’t seem to be anyone who seems to fit that role now in Putrajaya.

Because the current politician holding that post has ignored attacks on his political foes, be it paint being splashed on buses and service centres or stones thrown on cars or nails left on the road waiting for an accident to happen.

And this politician apparently said yesterday: “No need for guarantees. It is decided by the people of Johor themselves. I think PKR knows this and can judge for itself from what is happening there.”

So, you see why we need a home minister now? Someone who is a statesman and a leader, not a petty politician.

Anyone? One can only hope Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak can find that someone fast or see his popularity fade quickly ahead of the next general election.

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