Sunday 23 September 2012

Tunku Aziz a disgrace to Transparency International

YOURSAY 'Najib is being hit with the Scorpene scandal, awashed with documented corrupt practices, and you still praise BN while accusing DAP of misdeeds?'

Tunku Aziz: I am 'transformation friendly'

your sayChangeagent: Yawn, this anti-DAP ceramah is such an anti-climax with no important revelations of any significance or substance.

Haven't they got anything the scale of the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ), National Feedlot Corporation (NFC), Ampang LRT tender, Scorpene submarines kickbacks, Altantuya Shaariibuu's murder, RM24 million Balinese mansion, US$24 million diamond ring, US$24 million Apco contract or Sarawak timber concessions scandals to reveal?

Surely, they must have some real dirt on DAP. Anything? Anyone?

Human Race: I don't mind if former DAP senator Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim is against DAP now, but the moment he says BN and PM Najib Razak is great, even a new born baby would know he has been bought off.

Jiminy Qrikert: Tunku Aziz, your logic is amazing. You said the BN has ruled for 55 years, so they must have done something right.

The only thing they have got right is a standard operating procedure for fleecing the rakyat of our hard-earned money and spiriting billions of ringgit away into their own private overseas stashes.

Now, Najib is being hit with the Scorpene scandal, awashed with documented corrupt practices, and you still praise BN while accusing DAP of misdeeds?

But the absolute worst is your comment about DAP leaders Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng. Professionally, both have spoken highly of you but you still badmouth them.

Datos: Tunku Aziz, with your 180-degree about-turn and falling head over heels in your support for Najib, you have gone through the biggest transformation yourself.

Ong: He is getting more undignified each time he opens his mouth. He has become a comedian and a clown, but unfortunately a third-rate one.

He claims to be "surprised" that "Penangites have someone from Malacca as chief minister" but ignores the fact that he joined DAP in August 2008, a date when that "someone from Malacca" was already chief minister of Penang.

He criticised the two Lims for turning the party into a "family business". Again, when he joined DAP in August 2008, the two Lims were already leading DAP.

Tunku Aziz also criticised Guan Eng for insisting on being the CM. I don't know how he understands the word "insist", but I know that after a general election it is normal practice for the leader of the majority party to be appointed to the top government post.

Topping the lot is his understanding that the qualification to be a CM is to be "not arrogant or snobbish and not a street fighter." It would be better for Tunku Aziz to fade away gracefully instead of playing role of a third-class clown.

Geronimo: Tunku Aziz, many of us who still respect you are refraining from saying anything nasty, but I believe you are just pushing the limits.

Stop all this mud-slinging and get on with your life. Even good friends who parted with some degree of animosity, still hold their tongues, but you don't seem to know when to draw the line.

You and Kit Siang were good friends; that should have counted for something. Why resort to mud-slinging? Is it because your ego has been deflated?

If you are full of praise for Najib, then join Umno and be done with it. At least we know which side you are on, and then no quarters will be given, even to a person of your standing.

Shathriyan: Tunku Aziz was acclaimed as the former Transparency International-Malaysia (TI-M) president. Yet, he hurls accusations against Guan Eng without providing any evidence. Is this how he operated while heading TI-M?

His present antics are an outright insult to TI-M. Perhaps, the present TI-M office should advise this disgruntled BN mole against using his old position as cover in the future. As someone has said, this chap is getting more and more undignified each time he opens his mouth.

From his praises for BN and Najib, it is obvious that he has been a diehard BN stooge all along. Shouldn't he be ashamed of himself for joining the DAP by donning a sheep's skin? Yet, he goes around now without a pinch of shame to participate in anti-DAP rallies.

Yap CS: The moral of the story is, never give a position to anyone who has not earned it. This is the result.

Anonymous #18452573: Of the four people in the group of speakers, Tunku Aziz will realise that he has lost the most or is the highest-ranking loser in the room when he has to mingle among the rejects at the ceramah.

It's an unfortunate tag he will get just by virtue of his association with these very unimpressive lot. I would hurry and take a bath if I happened to be in attendance.

Onyourtoes: I think sometimes we give others undue importance and respect. We think they are gems when in fact they are garbage. We think they are men of integrity when in actual fact they are men of depravity and self-centredness.

The next time we mention chameleons, we must give better respect to that animal. I think the DAP, despite whatever weaknesses or shortcomings, must have done something right, hence the relentless efforts to attack and destabilise the party, either from within or without.

Akutuan: Interesting stories from these anti-DAP people, but comparing the two devils, I will still vote for Pakatan Rakyat.

So far, Guan Eng's leadership and actions have been acceptable to the rakyat. He may not be perfect but we can see the difference between Penang now and in the past.

And if Malaysia can have voters from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Burma, Pakistan, etc, why can't Penang have a chief minister from Malacca? At least, Guan Eng seems to be doing his job right.

Gerard Lourdesamy: Yes, Tunku Aziz has transformed himself from DAP to Umno. That is probably his greatest achievement to date.

The man is devoid of any integrity or decency. If the DAP was so bad, he was naive to join in the first place and agree to become the party's deputy chairperson and senator. People like him only like to listen to their own voice and assume that they are always right.

Rather than pretending to be an intellectual with no political ambitions, Tunku Aziz should become an Umno card-carrying member because he is already speaking like one.

If Umno-BN alone has the monopoly over virtue and the right to govern in perpetuity according to Abdul Aziz, then this country is doomed to failure.

He seems to have forgotten the endemic corruption, abuse of power and economic mismanagement, all virtues of Umno-BN coupled by the constant appeal to racial and religious sentiments, hallmarks of Umno-BN's nation building, that is leading us to rack and ruin.

Paul Warren: Tunku Aziz, you being a former president of Transparency International-Malaysia, can you tell us honestly, who is funding these anti-DAP ceramahs?

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