Thursday 2 August 2012

The political awakening of Christian M'sians

For the 21st Middle Malaysia podcast, media consultant Oon Yeoh speaks to Sivin Kit, a politically active Christian pastor who is currently in Norway doing his PhD on new media and politics.

NONESivin explains why he thinks Christians in Malaysia have become increasingly politically aware and even politically active, and this includes church leaders like pastors, priests and nuns.

He also talks philosophically about the notion of disobeying unjust laws and whether that's a Christian thing to do.

Sivin also addresses the issue of whether church leaders should be telling their flock how to vote. He gives a very candid reply about this highly sensitive issue.

Lastly, Sivin shares what he would tell Prime Minister Najib Razak if he wants to convince Christians that he does care about their views.

Listen to Sivin in this 12-minute podcast here!

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