Thursday 2 August 2012

'Janji Ditepati' gag reflex sweeps Twitterjaya

Never before has the social media expressed such disgust and rejection over an issue like it has over Information Minister Rais Yatim's ‘Janji Ditepati' (Promise Fulfilled) theme song for the 55th Merdeka Day.

The song is riddled with the now infamous ‘Janji Ditepati' phrase with a pinch of "Kini masa balas budi" (time to repay the deed), and you've got a concoction strong enough to trigger the gag reflex of the entire Twitterjaya community.

Here's a collection of notable tweets summing up the song:

Pete Teo @PeteTeo: Just heard ‘Janji Ditepati'. Speechless. #yorais (Rais Yatim), what were you smoking?

Effi Obefiend @1Obefiend: The only time it is appropriate to sing ‘Janji Ditepati' is during a funeral.

Hell Above @wildbl00d: "Janji ditepati kini masa balas budi." Seriously? I thought it's your job to help us the rakyat because we voted for you.

Kapten Kahan @zarakahan: Lagu ‘Janji Ditepati' - "Kini masa balas budi" or "Now vote for us, we paid you fools already." Is it just me or ‘Janji Ditepati' has to be one of the most desperate-for-votes Merdeka slogans ever created?

Faiz Bahruddin @faizfaiz: I'm sorry Barisan Nasional, I have never been so disgusted by you.

Bobby Bobby Bobby @AnnoyingBobby: Purely random thought due to my insomnia, I just want to say, that ‘Janji Ditepati' for Merdeka is just pure rubbish.

Redza minhat @rdzaminhat: The ‘Janji Ditepati' anthem will be a big hit in North Korea, I guarantee.

Ethan Matisa @ematisa: A selfish moment when BN hijacks our Merdeka celebration with a ‘Janji Ditepati' theme. Use it for your election campaign, please.

And here's what netizens in Facebook had to say when we posted the lyrics on Malaysiakini page:

Travis Swan: Muntah darah (vomit blood).

Julius Voo: Ini bukan theme song Malaysia, ini theme song BN. Full of propaganda.

(This isn't a National Day theme song, this is a BN theme song.)

John Liew: Shame on you, Rais Yatim, and those who approved this.

Ken Yeo: What a nonsensical BN propaganda song. This song is not fit for this truly Malaysian occasion. We Malaysians shouldn't be singing this. I wonder if there will be any of the butt dancers swaying their backsides to this song come performance day?

Yong Min Ken: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I rather listen to Rebecca Black's ‘Friday' and Double Take's ‘Hot Problems' than this.

Kay Hsh Luke: This is another classic example of desperation.

Viji Rajasundram: Wait, I have to step outside to puke. Back in a bit. Sorry.

Kah Seng: Are you serious? This is not a parody?

Nurul Hafeeza Mohd Zaidi: It is such a disgrace to this so-called democracy.

KJ Lim: They completely hijacked the National Day celebration for their party campaign. They failed to understand what democracy is. To them, Malaysia belonged to their party.

How dare they ask that voters must return favour to them as they claimed they have delivered the promises? It is their duty to deliver the promises and manage the nation in good shape!

If they can't, step down and let the others do the job. This is very, very, very sick.

Adrian Chima: So sad that politics has gone to a new low. I'll ‘balas budi' (repay the deed) by saying "Nah!" with the relevant hand gesture.

Wee Sue'Ann: OMG (Oh my god)... I'm not gonna let (my) children sing this!

Rais Yatim @DrRaisYatim: Malaysia has truly arrived as an achieving nation after 55 years of independence. Why can't we say ‘janji ditepati'?

A wise man or one who needs a reality check? You decide, but Twitterjaya has made it loud and clear - ‘Janji Ditepati' is inappropriate for the Merdeka Day celebrations.

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