Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Easy on rapists but hard on shoe-throwers

An imam who didn't get justice, vents his frustrations and gets one year in jail. A rapist walks free because the court thinks he is not a danger to society.'

No Aidilfitri joy for jailed imam's family

vox populi small thumbnailImam: The courts in Malaysia are run by kangaroos. They can pardon a rapist whose potential to wreck other innocent victims' lives is a true threat, while a poor man who was desperate that justice was not done and had thrown a slipper at a judge, is now languishing in jail, missing the love of his children and wife.

Ferdtan: How come the courts have mercy on a 'promising' young rapist bowler by suspending his five-year jail term, but they can sentence an imam to a harsh one-year jail for throwing slippers at the judge?

Imam Hoslan Hussein had done wrong, no doubt, but didn't he deserve more leniency compared to the rapist? He is also a breadwinner and a father of four.

Let us compare the sufferings of the victim/victims. The victim of the rape will be stigmatised by society throughout her life and on the other hand, what did the Federal Court judges lose? Only their pride.

This is exactly what we are angry about, the kind justice judges now mete out to offenders, in such a disparate way and done at their whims and fancies.

Gen2: An imam who didn't get justice, vents his frustrations and gets one year in jail. A rapist walks the streets free because the court thinks he is not a danger to society.

Anonymous #59599842: It looks like judges here are very lenient with rapists, whether they rape underage girls or Indonesian maids.

Anonymous_3e21: The majority of Malaysians are slowly paying attention to the judiciary now as there have been too many instances of questionable decisions for their liking.

They may be keeping their silence now, but if the situation gets out of hand, then history has shown that even the most brutal regimes do fall and Umno is definitely not immune.

As for Hoslan's wife Norliza, please be strong and stand proud knowing that your husband's sacrifices will not be in vain.

Anonymous_3e79: Nobody can honestly say that they respect the Malaysian judiciary. It seems to be run largely by those installed by Umno for the latter's political patronage.

Blind Freddo: There are many Malays who will not have a joyous Aidilfitri because they are in gaol, or other institutions or destitute on the streets or repressed by poverty, sick or drug addicted.

But Malaysians were never good at seeing the big picture. It's easy to consider a few individuals, throw some money at them, or in this case blame the courts, then wash your hands of the whole nasty business.

There are more important things to consider... like the price of your cars.

Lobsang Rampa: I just love to remind people who pass judgement on others that one fine day, they will be judged for their actions and decisions. And then, Umno will not be there to protect them.

BN lodges report over fake Umno Youth Facebook

Onyourtoes: The anti-Christian posting in an allegedly bogus Umno Youth Facebook page may be false, but does this differ from the party's or its supporters' consistent pattern of behaviour?

Anak, Bangsa, Malaysia: Umno is the cause of this posting, since they have done nothing about such evil-minded postings in the past.

The police are to be blamed for dragging their feet on such matters as well. Indeed, the police have not charged those responsible for such past statements, why?

This gives room for such narrow-minded people like the Umno goons to do it again and again, and get away with it.

Takung: So according to section 114A of the Evidence Act, the one guilty of posting is Umno Youth unless Umno Youth proves otherwise, right?

Ramachandran Muniandy: Information Minister Rais Yatim said the BN cabinet had accepted section 114A of the Evidence Act, now why are they quiet?

Charge Umno Youth, if you have any guts. Let this be the test case under the new amendment.

Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein does not need to call the attorney-general (AG) to explain the amendment to us, just tell the AG to charge Umno Youth.

Unspin: We should not be surprised if this is Umno's devious way of justifying section 114A of the Evidence Act.

Most of us have lost count of how many times they have acted as instigator, enforcer, judge and jury. Let's hope that the blogger whom they ‘track down' is not another poor scapegoat.

Voice: Umno-BN and their cronies do not have to worry about section 114A.
Even if this is a real case and not a wayang (show), they have all the powerful machineries such as the police, MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission), MCMC (Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission) and all the government authorities ready to hunt down the culprit for them.

The police will be out in full force. But what could the poor rakyat and even the opposition politicians do if this had happened to them? Who could they rely on? How would the poor rakyat prove their innocence? The law is protecting the bad rather than the good.

Kgen: If it is a case of wanting to fairly implement the law, Section 114A would never have passed through Parliament. The ruling party, as well as the opposition, are equally liable to being impersonated online.

But we all know how the law is implemented here. Umno goons will never be investigated or charged for any inflammatory posts. This appears to be a law to oppress BN's critics by making them automatically guilty without having to prove anything.

Vote Opposition: It is very stupid to say that Christianity can replace Islam as the official religion in Malaysia.

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