Sunday, 13 May 2012

Lim calls Malaysians to reject hate

All mothers reject the language and actions of violence, says the chief minister in his Mother’s Day message.


GEORGE TOWN: Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng called on Malaysians to embrace love and reject hate in his Mother’s Day message here today.

This, he said would create a nation, in which all Malaysians can live together with dignity.

He noted that there was growing concern among Malaysians on institutions that were either involved in violence or condone violence, such as racist and extremist organisations like Malay supremacist outfit Perkasa.

“The path towards non-violence is to embrace love and establish a civil society.

“All mothers reject the language and actions of violence,” the DAP secretary-general said in his blog posting.
Last Thursday, Perkasa members conducted funeral rites for Lim outside his residence in Jalan Pinhorn in a 10-minute demonstration before holding another noisy gathering performing similar last rites in Komtar.
The group led by Penang Perkasa chief Mohd Ridzuad Azudin placed a garlanded portrait of Lim and pasted his posters with swastika logos on the gate of the residence.

They alleged that Lim had incited racial tension among ethnic Malays and ethnic Indians, in obvious reference to Lim’s remarks in the State Legislative Assembly early this week that “I feel all Hindu temples are in danger if Umno returns to power”

Lim said all Malaysians regardless of race, religions or gender were treated as children by embracing love and rejecting hate.

“Children by embracing love and rejecting hate will help create a nation that allows everyone to live with dignity,” he said.

Lim noted that a civil society was a shared society that would allow Malaysians to make diversity a positive force for equal opportunity and social justice.

He said democratic participation in decision-making, respect for diversity and the dignity of an individual, equal opportunity and the prohibition of discrimination were four major attributes of a shared society
He called on Malaysians to stand united to fight corruption and abuses of power because such successes can build trust, provide progress and development to the people.

“Only then people live with dignity.

“Our children possess the inalienable right to live in dignity in an environment that is clean, green, safe and healthy,” he reminded.

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