Saturday, 12 May 2012

Hanif, it's about impartiality, not track record

YOURSAY 'Hanif, your track record shows that you are already biased against the 428 marchers. How then can you claim to be independent and fair?'

Check my track record first, Hanif tells critics

your sayTholu: Former inspector-general of police (IGP) Hanif Omar, even if we accept your assertion that you are a credible person and that you have had a good track record of being neutral in government-established investigating panels, we cannot accept you as the chairperson of the panel investigating police brutality during Bersih 3.0 rally.

Firstly, you had prejudged the issue and made prejudicial statements. Therefore under the principles of natural justice you have breached the 'rule against bias'.

Secondly 'justice must not only be done but must be seen to be done'. So even if you are going to act without bias and maintain neutrality during the probe, public perception would be that you will act bias since you have prejudged the issue and made prejudicial statements.

Further, you were in the police force and clearly it is a conflict of interest to investigate the enforcement agency you were in once.

As a learned person in law, you cannot deny what I said unless you want to be in contempt of the law and the principles of natural justice.

Muak: Are we so short of talent that we have to reuse has-beens for the panel? What is so great about Hanif Omar's track record?

The police force was corrupt during his watch. It is still corrupt, if not worse now. If the people do not trust you to head this panel, please walk away quietly instead of trying to defend your track record.

FopirateUmnoBN: Hanif, there will always be doubts about your integrity and credibility no matter how you try to justify your appointment.

As an ex-IGP, would you be expected to expose the wrongdoings of your own police force? Moreover, you have stated publicly your stand against Bersih 3.0. It's best you step down and let someone more credible do the job.

Anonymous #60202292: Hanif, your track record shows that you are already biased against the 428 (April 28) marchers. How then can you claim to be independent and fair?

Anomnim: And your assurance is all we have? Your assurance means nothing when you have publicly condemned the rally participants even before the inquiry. It's like asking a vegetarian to judge a meat dish.

Giudice: Hanif, your track record is irrelevant when you have made a statement that shows that you are already biased and have prejudged this particular matter.

The fact that you cannot comprehend this itself proves that you are unsuitable for the panel, much less head it.

Kangaroo: This has nothing to do with his credentials as Hanif has already made biased statements - that alone disqualifies him from being part of the ‘independent' panel. As a man having knowledge of the law, he should know this.

Onyourtoes: Hanif, I am sure you know what true independence means. Ask the appointing authority to select from among organisations that represent human rights and civil liberty to sit in the panel.

Tell the appointing authority that a corporate senior manager has no business to be in the panel. You should also tell the appointing authority that the panel shall have its own terms of reference.

If the appointing authority can't agree with you, then don't accept the appointment. Among the former IGPs, at least you stand out, so don't let this panel take away whatever credibility you have left.

Frankly, one wonders why the need for this panel in the first place, unless we are all blind to the numerous abuse and brutality cases that happened all over Kuala Lumpur on April 28.

Do you think the inquest and RCI (royal commission of inquiry) on Teoh Beng Hock had solved the problem on that case? This is all part of the ‘wayang kulit', and everybody knows it.

Wira: No doubt, Hanif, you may have a better track record than most other IGPs. However, Malaysians don't just need a fair person to head the panel, we also need someone who is seen to be fair so that the integrity of the panel is never in doubt.

Your recent comments or outbursts on Bersih cast doubt on your ability to conduct a fair inquiry. Please recuse yourself from heading the panel like an honourable judge with dignity and integrity.

Cantabrigian: Track record is one thing. Public perception and trust is another.

You can be fair and good in your previous task, but it doesn't mean you will be good also in this task, especially when you have already made up your mind on the subject matter even before the investigation has started.

You mean that the investigation result will be different from your personal view on Bersih 3.0?

Please lah, no matter how impartial you want to be in this case, you just can't deny the fact that many fair-minded people will still claim that it is bias. So, why waste time?

Tekee: We all know Hanif's Operation Lallang track record. Helluva one too!

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