Saturday, 12 May 2012

‘Funeral rites for Lim akin to death threat’

PAS, PKR and MCA have condemned Perkasa holding funeral rites for the Chief Minister outside his residence.

GEORGE TOWN: PKR and PAS have described the Perkasa-conducted funeral rites for Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng at his residence as a “death threat.”

Both parties called Perkasa “uncivilised, un-Malay and unIslamic” by hanging up a garlanded Lim’s portrait on his residence gate during a 10-minute protest here yesterday

Some 30 Perkasa members held a protest and conducted funeral rites for Lim outside his residence before holding another noisy gathering in Komtar.

They alleged that Lim had incited racial tension among ethnic Malays and ethnic Indians, in obvious reference to Lim’s remarks in the State Legislative Assembly early this week that “I feel all Hindu temples are in danger if Umno returns to power”

The group led by Penang Perkasa chief Mohd Ridzuad Azudin placed a garlanded portrait of Lim and pasted his posters with swastika logos on the gate of the residence during the 10.25am demonstration.

In the joint-statement, PKR and PAS rubbished Perkasa’s claim to represent the Malay interests, adding the organisation had failed to comprehend Malay Muslims values and ethics.

Both parties called on Perkasa to stop its gutter and racist politics to gain cheap publicity, as Malaysians are against such politics.

They want police to nab Perkasa members in similar swift way the authorities detained Bersih activists.
“Perkasa unruly behaviour was uncalled for, embarrassing and disappointing,” they said in the their statement.

On Perkasa funeral rites for Lim, PKR state chairman and Mansor Othman said: “It is tantamount to a death threat to the chief minister’s life.”

“They are saying the chief minister is finished … he is dead.

“This can’t be taken lightly,” the Penang Deputy Chief Minister I told a press conference in Komtar today.

Police must take action

He called on the police to take stern actiona against the culprits .

Surprised by police not taking action against the demonstraters , Mansor suggested that Perkasa could be backed by a major political player.

PAS state commissioner Mohd Salleh Man condemned Perkasa for damaging the humility cherished by the Malay community and Islam.

Referring to police swift action on students involved in the National Higher Education Fund (PTPTN) scheme protest last month, he said PAS expected police to show similar professionalism to nab Perkasa members.

Mohd Rizuad said the funeral rites were Perkasa’s way of telling to the people that Lim was dead for failing to comply with the Malay supremacist organisation’s previous seven-point memorandum.

Lim has said he feared for his and his family’s safety due to the violent behaviour of Perkasa protesters.

Meanwhile, PKR state deputy chairman Law Choo Kiang called on all Barisan Nasional component parties to clear the air on their alleged strong links with Perkasa.

“The onus is on MCA, Gerakan, MIC and others to clarify their links,” he told newsmen.

PKR state vice-chairman Malek Kasim said the state government would not respond to mob political culture and gutter politics.

“These are the same people who violently disrupted a peaceful anti-Lynas gathering and showed a shoe against the chief minister.

Go to court

Meanwhile, in another statement, Penang MCA Wanita chief Tan Cheng Liang said protesters should stay away from private residences.

“I call on all detractors objecting against the Penang Chief Minister to leave his family members and neighbours alone.

“They are innocent and neutral parties and should not be subjected to bad-mannered behaviour, more particularly in one’s private residential when differences of political differences abound,” she said.

She added that the protesters should instead resort to the law by filing whatever claims they may have against Lim at court.

“If they insist, then stage a peaceful protest outside the Komtar building in accordance with the law after notifying the authorities and receiving the nod,” she said.

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