Thursday 5 April 2012

Overspending, cry Pakatan MPs

KUALA LUMPUR: Pakatan Rakyat MPs have claimed that the Finance Ministry spent more than double of its approved 2011 contingency fund (KWLJ).

According to documents provided by Indera Mahkota MP (PKR) Azan Ismail, the fund was recorded at RM1.5 billion.

Nevertheless, the PKR MP calculated that the government spent as much as RM3,138,203,590 under the KWLJ.

At the same time, he said the Finance Ministry claimed to have spent only RM1,382,802,890, or more than RM1.755b less than the actual amount.

“The amount spent from the contingency fund is 100% more than what was approved,” he told reporters in Parliament this morning.

‘Guilty of double allocations’

Kuala Selangor MP (PAS) Dzukefly Ahmad said the government was also guilty of “double allocations” when it came to the 2011 contingency savings (SWLJ).

According to him, the government used up RM1,999,407,002 from the RM2 billion allocated for the 2011 SWLJ, and that it already filled it back up to the original amount.

Dzulkefly then alleged that the government intended to ask Parliament to approve another RM1.9 billion.

“What we’re alleging is that this money was already spent and replaced…They have topped up, and suddenly they’re asking for RM1.9 billion to be topped up again, meaning [it's a] double allocation,” he told reporters.

He said this money was replaced in the last budget, and asked if the supposed additional money would be used in the coming general election.

Meanwhile, Deputy Finance Minister Donald Lim expressed incredulity at Azan and Dzulkefly’s claims.
Speaking on the overspending of contingency funds, he said: “We don’t know where he came out with this figure. He plucked it from the sky.”

He added that it was not so easy to explain the numbers involving the country’s funds.

“No, no. It’s wrong. If it’s so simple that one person can contradict the Finance Ministry, we can close shop,” Lim said.

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