Sunday 8 April 2012

Cops super efficient when clearing Umnoputras

YOURSAY 'For a case similar to Nedim's, the police would normally ask for a seven-day remand that can easily be extended by the magistrate.'

Cops get CCTV clip of Nazri's son's affray incident

Gobsmacked: First the deputy inspector general of police (IGP) said there had been no criminal breach of trust (CBT) by the directors of the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC), but a few weeks later, the chairman of NFC was charged with CBT.

And now the officer in charge (OCPD) of Brickfields said Mohamad Nedim Nazri was not involved in the ‘affray', and that the investigation had been completed and the file sent to the attorney-general (AG), and now we are told the investigation is still ongoing.

What is happening with the PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police)? Luckily, if not for the fact that we have the former criminal investigation chief coming forward to complain about the former IGP and the current AG, we would think that the entire PDRM is corrupt and has no credibility.

Isn't it high time that PDRM rises up against their leaders who are so fearful of the Umnoputras who abuse their power?

Zar: For a case similar to this, the police would normally ask for a seven-day remand for the suspects that can easily be extended by the magistrate. But for the Umno goons and ministers' families, it is different.

Dr Mamakthiew Mamad: Brickfields OCPD Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdul Khalid should be asked to resign for making false statements to the press. He brings shame to the entire police force in covering up this episode.

Lin Wenquan: Whither we go? The whole nation has gone adrift with flip-flop pronouncements right across the system. One minute it is black and another it is white.

When it comes to allegations against the Umnoputras and their kin, the PDRM will be the fastest in the draw in investigating and predictably arriving at a 'no case' verdict.

The rebranding exercise of invoking the new image of the 'blue tigers' for the police force is both meaningless and laughable.

Its selective prosecution attests to PDRM's impotence and phobia of touching even a hair of those fortunate delinquent untouchables, and further illuminates the reality that the tiger is both blind and toothless.

Let us wait and see whether they will make further U-turns over this case.

ABU member: The police had wrapped up the case without even seeing the CCTV? What kind of investigation is this? They are so quick in declaring that a minister's son was not involved in the so-called "affray".

We feel sad that our police force is producing such low quality work and displaying low integrity. Everybody knows that this is the product of the BN government.

Mr KJ John: The idiocratic so-called law minister who is not even one, should not speak anymore for this can actually be construed as obstructing or influencing the investigators in this case.

Anonymous #07443216: This is typical of some chief police officers in charge of police stations. They never cease to boggle the rakyat's minds with their super efficiency in summing up any case when it involves the Umno elite and their family members, and they never fail to rush out in declaring their verdicts of innocence.

These police chiefs are not shy to apple polish those Umno elite no matter what; they are just capitalising on it to score brownie points with the hope of being promoted for their unsolicited help.

With such police chiefs in service it is no wonder the morale of the police force is at an all-time low and the force is so disorganised.

These police chiefs must be cleaned out from the force before the whole country goes to the gutters.

But then, the prime minister himself is also tainted, and so is the AG, so how do we expect the police force not going down the same track?

Wira: I earn more than the salary of a minister but I could never afford a Porsche after paying my income tax.

How the son of an Umno minister and his bodyguards can afford to be in a Porsche and a luxury MPV is beyond the understanding of most folks earning an honest living. This is just the tip of another 'Cowgate'.

Sadirah: A check into the lifestyles of ministers Zahid Hamidi or Nazri Aziz and you may well come up with scandalous information just like minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, and that is why she had the courage to challenge all of them as to whose hands are clean.

Nazri was public enterprises minister when the scandals of taxi permits erupted. Like all things in Malaysia, the business was swept under the carpet.

Perhaps he is living off the sweat of over 500 taxi drivers that his son can own a Porshe. A check on his income tax and that of his son would give us more information.

With such a lopsided Parliament where you need only 45 percent of the popular vote to rule, what can be said of BN which has manipulated power for the last several decades?

I hope Nedim is prosecuted and the evidence is not tampered with by the police. Already we have conflicting reports from the police over this matter.

Fairnessforall: Not only is Nedim alleged of assaulting the security supervisor, but also of impersonating a tengku (member of the royalty). Isn't it an offence to claim to be a tengku if you are not? There should be two charges here.

DePenguinHater: This is not surprising - it all starts from home, like father like son. A young punk driving a luxury car is also not surprising. There are so many such cases with our ex-PM, present PM and ministers also splurging millions using taxpayers' money plundered over the years.

The MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) or the Income Tax Department must be sleeping; they should go and check how these people had accumulated their wealth at the expense of the rakyat.

The government keeps threatening to reduce/withdraw subsidies, introduce the Goods and Services Tax (GST), and refuse to reduce car taxes, and keep borrowing, etc, but all this can be avoided if all the leakages and plundering are plugged.

Fair&Just: Now we know why declaration of assets for all BN ministers is dangerous and a no-no - the wealth amassed might shock some of their hardcore supporters to death.

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