Friday 12 August 2011

Siah and 8 others barred from rally

KUCHING: Police here have obtained a restraining order against Movement of Change Sarawak (MoCS) chief Francis Siah and eight others in relation to tomorrow’s ‘Walk for Democracy and Reform’ at the Museum Garden, here.

All nine have been barred from taking part in the walk, known here as the Red Rally,  or being anywhere in or near the vicinity of the Museum Garden.

“At 1.20pm today, two police officers visited me in my Kuching home to issue me a restraining order against taking part in tomorrow’s rally or even to be present in the vicinity of the Museum Garden,” said Siah.
“I was among nine MoCS fellows or suspected MoCS sympathizers whom the police had taken a court injunction against.

“Our legal adviser, See Chee How, was the first to receive it yesterday evening.

“He informed me about it earlier. All are expected to be served the order today.”

Siah said the other blacklisted MoCS sympathisers included Awang Abdillah Awang Nasar, Alphonsus Kuek, Salleh Jafaruddin, Bujang Ulis, Mohd Salleh Shaik Ahmed, Mark Chin and Mahsor Hossen.

Siah said he was surprised to see Mohd Salleh’s name on the blacklist.

“I was surprised to see Mohd Salleh’s name. He is a close and well-meaning friend. He was never involved in MoCS activities.

“In fact I have not even spoken to Mohd Salleh for the past two-three months,” he said adding candidly that the rumour was true that anyone befriending him was immediately ‘blacklisted by the authorities.

Siah said the MoCS team would meet tonight to work out a contingency plan fro tomorrow.
“We have declared that the Red Rally is ON and it will be ON.

“Even three persons carrying out the ceremony tomorrow is considered ON. If anything else, it will be making a very important statement,” he said.

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