Saturday 6 August 2011

Another Christian plan? — Government Insider

AUG 6 — Now it is the turn of Berita Harian to cast aspersions on Christians in Malaysia and assign hidden agendas.

It was not too long ago that Utusan Malaysia alleged that a gathering of pastors praying with a few DAP representatives in Penang as evidence of a takeover of the country by Christians.
We all know what happened to that theory?

It was debunked by Datuk Paul Low, the respected businessman and head of the local chapter of Transparency International. Nothing came of the probe because there was no truth to the allegation but Utusan Malaysia did not even get a rap on the wrist.

Why not? Because the government was complicit in the Utusan plan to drive a wedge between Pas and its partners in the Opposition, especially DAP.

In fact, it is an open secret in government circles that PM Najib Razak has given Utusan Malaysia a free hand. Therefore it is not surprising that after the allegation of Christian takeover took place, Najib called together Christian leaders and urged them to respect the Constitution!

Fantastic reminder from someone who has an elastic view of the Constitution.

This Jais raid with the police in tow on the Damansara church should be seen in this context. It was not a sudden raid as painted because the press were tipped off to the Jais action. I would suggest that the church authorities check their guest list and find out if all those who attended were from a community home specialising in caring for AIDS patients.

Find if the so called people quoted in the Berita Minggu article today attended the dinner or if they attended under false pretences.

The job of these “plants” is to come forward and now accuse the Christians about converting Muslims. This is not about the Damansara church but about creating unease in Muslim community and about creating division among Muslims and Christians.

The end game is to force the conservatives in PAS to lash out and force DAP to react, leaving Pakatan Rakyat in an untenable position. Instead of discredited Utusan, Berita Harian is leading the charge.

* Government Insider reads The Malaysian Insider.

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