Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Stop demonising Bersih, gov't told

The government should stop demonising Bersih in light of a court ruling that it is not an unlawful organisation, said PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali.

“The verdict is based on law. The misconceptions (of Bersih) all this while, because of BN’s accusations, should (now) be put to rest,” he told a joint press conference with Pakatan Rakyat leaders at the PAS headquarters today.

KL High Court judge Rohana Yusof in her decision also ruled that Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein’s declaration was “tainted with irrationality”.

NONEPAS treasurer Mohd Hatta Ramli (left) said the decision also vindicates Pakatan Rakyat’s decision to back Bersih.

“For us political parties that were accused of supporting an illegal organisation in all of Bersih’s rallies, it was in fact the right move to participate in and support Bersih’s decisions in the public interest,” he said.

PKR vice-president Tian Chua lauded the verdict as a “significant decision” that upholds freedom of association.

“Coalitions formed by various NGOs, whether to oppose fuel price hikes or other unfair policies such as the Internal Security Act, can no longer be accused of being an illegal organisation as was done before,” he said.

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