Despite the overwhelming confidence shown by DAP leaders in today state convention, party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng reminded party members not to underestimate the potential of its rivals.

2012 selangor dap convention 041112 lim guan engLim (left) warned members not to treat lightly BN and Umno's ability to not only win two-thirds at the federal level but also recapture Penang in the coming polls.

"Do not underestimate the effectiveness of lies, threats and money politics as well as racist and extremist sentiments. Umno are masters at these dirty tactics," said Lim, who is Penang chief minister, at the state DAP convention today.

Lim said DAP leaders and members are not afraid of losing but Penangites cannot afford to lose their future to Umno and BN.

"If we lose, the people lose also," he stormed, while the party's delegates cheered.

He added that the next polls determines not just the fate of DAP but the destiny of the people.
Lim warned that if BN regained the state, Umno will ensure all of Pakatan Rakyat's "golden programmes" for the rakyat and yearly allocations to schools will be gone.

"Umno will ensure our democratic reforms and integrity measures will be replaced by a harsh and repressive regime that is corrupt," said Lim.

"Umno will ensure a people-centric government will be replaced by a crony-driven government".

'Lack of experience due to prison terms'

Lim was speaking to 280 DAP state delegates who attended the state's last convention before the 13th general election which must be called before May next year.

NONELim was accompanied by national chairman Karpal Singh (right), state DAP chief Chow Kon Yeow, while other Pakatan leaders like state PKR chief and Deputy Chief Minister I Mansor Othman and state PAS committee member Jamaluddin Saad, were present.

Lim was high in spirits, reminding members of all the state's policies and achievements in the last four years.

He even took time to criticise Umno members for "shedding tears" during the party's last annual general meeting, saying "they should be crying for Lynas".

After Lim's speech, leaders and delegates alike, stood up to wave their Ubah mascots and flags, while shouting the party's warcry "Jom Ubah!".

Meanwhile, Lim said Pakatan has so many achievements to boast about and no one can deny that the coalition has done more in five years than BN had in 18 years.

He added that despite Pakatan's inexperience, its leaders can perform better than BN "anytime, anyplace, anywhere."

"This is because its leaders spent most of their time in prison," Lim joked.

Lim then thanked the party's veteran members for their contributions, courage and determination in facing the trials and tribulations the party has gone through all the years.

"It is because of them we are where we are today, we must really thank them," said Lim, to loud cheers from the floor.

'Good as opposition, better as gov't'

Lim said the DAP was good as an opposition party but "we are better as the government".

"What is our concern now is not whether we can be a good government but whether we can keep it (in Penang)," he said.

"What happened during these five years that caused this transformation from being an effective opposition to an even more effective government?" asked Lim, who is also Bagan MP.

"I would venture to say that DAP's qualities of being clean and honest, loyalty to principles and the people and our unbreakable team spirit amongst our leaders, is the basis of our success," he added.

"This is exemplified in our slogan of CAT - governance of competency, accountability and transparency".