The DAP Socialist Youth wing yesterday lodged a police report on  a report filed against them by a police officer for submitting a memorandum to them calling for the setting up of the Independent Police Complaints and Monitor Commission (IPCMC).

State DAPSY chief Ng Wei Aik claimed that after the report was lodged by an unidentified police officer, wing members had been called up and informed that they are being probed under the Peaceful Assembly Act (PAA).

NONEHowever, Ng and team, have decided not to cooperate with the police so long as the details and the identity of the officer involved are kept under wraps.

"This is an absolute breach of our basic fundamental rights. Does this mean submitting memorandum is a crime now in Malaysia?" queried Ng, who said this was probably a first in the history of the country.

"If one is proven guilty under S9(1) of the PAA for illegal assembly, he or she can be fined up to RM10,000. Was the report lodged because I am an elected rep?" Ng, the Komtar assemblyman, queried further.

Every right to submit memo

If convicted under the law for an amount above RM2,000, an elected representative can lose his seat and barred from contesting in the polls for a period of two terms (or between 8-10 years).

"Malaysians have every right to submit such memorandums,why must police take it so seriously?" asked the political secretary to Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

Ng said he would raise a complaint with the National Human Rights body, Suhakam, on the matter.

He was accompanied by state DAPSY vice-chief Lim Thing, the wing's state secretary Soon Lip Chee, assistant state DAPSY secretary Satees Muniandy, the wing's state publicity secretary Steven Sim and several others.

On Nov 19, the group of about 10 handed over the document to acting officer in charge, Inspector Mohamed Ilias at the Prai Police Station.

NONEThe memorandum renewed calls for the setting up of the IPCMC as the force has taken a beating lately with several incidences of death in custody and rape involving the police.

No action against anti-CM protestors

Meanwhile, Satees said the police treated protestors differently as many had also sent memorandums to Lim where the situation turned noisy and chaotic but no action had been taken.

"The debate over the PAA involved the possibility of it being misused by certain quarters for their own benefit," said Satees, who led the protest two weeks ago.

"What about all those Anti-Pakatan demonstrations? Are they also being investigated under the PAA as well? We want the Penang Police Chief Abdul Rahim Hanafi to answer this," he added.

"We will face this, even if they have decided to charge us in court! We won't budge because of this threat".

NONEAt the same event, Sim referred to a statement by former Police Chief Musa Hassan (right), who claimed that Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein had "meddled" in the affairs of the force.

He called on the Inspector General of Police Ismail Omar to answer why a police report had been lodged by his officer against a small group handing over a memorandum "peacefully".

"The Police force should be a force with very high integrity and not used by certain quarters for political mileage," he added.