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Will BN listen to the Christians as Pakatan has?

8:51AM Nov 12, 2012  
VOXPOP 'The Christian Federation of Malaysia must meet with BN and hear what it has to say about the Christian bashing that has been going on.'

Amid Christian bashing, Pakatan reassures CFM

vox populi small thumbnailLamborghini: Now that Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) has met with Pakatan Rakyat leaders, I would urge that it also arrange a meeting with BN leaders to voice Christian concerns and hear what the government has to say, and has done or will do, to stop the Christian-bashing and harassment that has been going on.

It is not enough for the government to just give some money to mission schools and some churches now and then, which is of course appreciated.

But more importantly, we want to be given the assurance to practise our faith without undue interference from the authorities and be protected from uncalled for attacks and unfounded accusations from religious bigots in our country.

Christians have been praying for our country faithfully and contributing positively and productively in building this wonderful country.

Please stop using us as your punching bags but respect our rights and be sensitive to our legitimate concerns as patriotic citizens of this beautiful country

Gerard Lourdesamy: Pakatan is assured of the Christian vote, which is decisive in Sarawak and Sabah.

We, Christians, are a patient lot and we do not expect overnight changes if Pakatan takes over Putrajaya given the Umno/BTN-inspired attitudes of our civil servants, but at least it will be a good start after the rot over the past 55 years.

While the church is above politics, Christ tells us to fight for social justice, freedom with responsibility, truth and reconciliation.

Priests, pastors and elders must engage the Christian community in this GE13 and encourage them to vote without fear and with their conscience, to do what is right and just.

It is not just about giving money to churches and Christian schools but about our freedom to practice our religion without unnecessary restrictions; respect for our faith both in public and private; engaging us on nation building and socio-economic issues; and justice and fairness to all regardless of race, religion, gender, disability and sexuality.

Ghkok: Our country is on the threshold of ending 55 years of one-party rule, of repression, oppression, suppression, tyranny, monopoly, and abuse.

Let us cement the two-party system with a resounding victory for Pakatan in order to tear down the structure of one-party rule, pave the way for restoration of our government institutions, solidify the rule of law, introduce free and fair elections, and freedom of the press.

Thereafter, let us put into practise a genuine two-party system. Never again shall we allow one party to rule for 55 years (indeed, not even 15 years). That's our responsibility as voters.

Anonymous #58458950: I have faith that Pakatan is on the right track in fostering racial harmony and in changing the Malaysian mindset to be Malaysians first and race second.

Right now, there is too much segregation everywhere and nothing concrete is being done in schools or elsewhere, to bridge the racial divide.

The Armed Forces in Umno quagmire

Black Bull: The quality of flag rank officers have definitely deteriorated during the years. There's no love for duty and country, but rather for ambition and position.

That's what happens when we've got spineless cowards as generals.

Love Malaysia63: What can you expect from generals who kiss the hand of the minister? There is no longer is any dignity left in the armed forces.

Anonyxyz: Malaysiakini columnist S Thayaparan and many other patriotic Malaysians have been penning so many excellent soul-searching articles in English, which are understood by only a section of the population.

The transformation of the country today from its pathetic situation to one of better hope, can only be achieved when the unaware majority, who can't understand the language well enough, and the not-so-politically conscious, are exposed to these articles.

Can't Pakatan form a team of translators in Mandarin, Malay and Tamil to perform this task to raise awareness and figure a strategy to reach out to these people?

Mr KJ John: Well done brother, I hope the current leadership can understand you.

Maybe they are so blinded that they cannot see truth clearly and cannot distinguish between public interest and Umno interests.

Gone are the days of professionalism; of soldiers and gentlemen.

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