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Why must Putrajaya outsource AES?

OXPOP 'The issue is not the AES. The system has its benefit. The problem is the contract that was drawn between the government and crony companies.'

Ignore AES summonses, PAS urges the people

vox populi small thumbnailBlind Freddo: PAS vice-president Mahfuz Omar, maybe what has become a burden to the people is the way Malaysians drive. Why not address the real problems instead of advocating people to break the law.

A superb ‘performance' from a 'lawmaker'. Anyway, aren't you going to be in control in a few weeks' time? Then you can abandon all those modern-day rules that lead to a smooth-running society and instead of fining people, you simply chop their hands off.

Diablo63: There you go, ‘Blind' Freddo. Your name says it all - blind. Mahfuz is just saying respect the summons and go to court to contest this unfair, unscrupulous daylight robbery scheme.

If he has no respect for the law he would then say "put your foot on the pedal and do 200kph, then go to court to contest the summons and he will have lawyers standing by to help". That is disrespecting the law.

Rakyat Malaysia: The intent is to argue the provision of law in court which make sense. But isn't speeding defined as 'not obeying traffic rules'? That's probably the contention here.

Anonymous #21828131: It looks like these two crony companies are winners all the way. Good example is the speed limit of 60kph in some areas. Have you tried lowering you speed to 60? I have tried and it made me look stupid.

My view is that it is achievable but not without hogging the entire road. These limits need to be reviewed (maybe 70 or 75kph).

Now this is where the bulk of traffic offenders would be trapped by the automated traffic enforcement system (AES). It's real easy to make money for the government and the crony companies.

Just initial outlay, and then sit back to hit their monthly budget with an option to make more at their whims and fancy. This is clearly a money-making joint venture.

Cks: If I run foul of a traffic law and have to pay a fine under the law, I will gladly do so. But I certainly would not pay the same fine to a commissionable crony collecting agent appointed by the corrupt government.

iKn.w: Why must the government outsource AES? Is it for BN's benefit that the two crony companies would likely know how to give something in return?

AES has to be enforced correctly with actual focus on safety and not to show that it is a way to collect back money for all the money given out as baits in the upcoming election. People are smarter now.

Ex-DAP: Let us be objective. The issue is not the AES. The system has its benefit. The problem is the contract that was drawn between the federal government and the crony companies.

Such a system is self-funding. The government doesn't need to outsource it. I met a senior traffic warden at Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) impound yard in Jinjang.

I asked him whether all tow truck belongs to DBKL or it was outsourced. He said the compound collected can pay for the trucks, salary of workers and maintain the trucks. No need to privatise it.

It's the same concept here. I support AES but I disagree with ‘piratisation'.

Trublumalaysian: As Zunar so aptly caricatured with his biting wit; why not use the AES system to watch over city crimes?

Full of Crap: In the latest Utusan Konsumer, Malaysia in 2009, despite the speed limit of only 110kph, had the highest road deaths in the world at 23.8 killed per 100,000 inhabitants.

Germany, with its ‘autobahn' and no speed limit, had the seventh lowest road death at 5.1 and UK had the lowest at 3.8. We have a government full of mud heads.

Covert military hand in M'sian politics?

Righteous: Any use of the military by the government of any country against their own people is beyond wrong.

How have our politicians lost sight of the simple fact that they are there to serve and make our country better for all and the military is to protect us the rakyat, not serve its political masters.

Whatsup: This won't come as a surprise. By tracing the career path of Mr Best Democracy, one can find his web of influence. How sad that our beautiful democratic Malaysia is put in this position.

With so many avaricious men of poor integrity in every key position, what chance do we rakyat have for our voice to be heard?

Ferdtan: This is a very timely article by Lam Choong Wah on the military intelligence ‘intrusion' into local politics, when now there are signs that BN may lose its political power to the opposition in the coming general election.
Let it come out in the open to pre-empt any intention by the military to do what they are not supposed to do - to violate the sanctity of non-involvement in politics.

Their business is with the enemies outside the country and not within. Pakatan Rakyat must demand that the army chiefs state their non-partisan stand to alleviate the fear of Malaysians.

Mushiro: To win the elections, Umno manipulates every institution in the country - the police, the army, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), the Election Commission (EC), etc. This has been happening for many years.

But this year Umno needs the additional assistance of illegal voters from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cambodia and Vietnam to win the elections. It is shameless, but Umno wants to win by hook or by crook and not on a level-playing field.

Abuminable: Ladies and gentlemen, this is hardly news but you must realise by now that the nation is in the deadly grip of a gang of pompous robber rajas who have mortgaged their souls to the Devil You Know.

However, please do not panic or succumb to despair. The demons are being exorcised right now and will soon be banished back to Hell.

You can help by raising your own vibrations and purifying your thoughts. Only when a large number of humans are semi-conscious and lacking in personal ethics can black magic take hold of their minds and hijack their destinies.

KJ John: Choong Wah, can you study and confirm whether military vehicles were used for jamming telecommunications during the Bersih 3.0 rally?

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