Sunday 18 November 2012

Stony silence in face of Ramli's attack

YOURSAY 'What are you waiting for, Gani and Musa? It is shameful when the two top so-called defenders of the law sink so low in the execution of their duties.'

Ramli hits out at AG, Musa at his retirement ceremony

your sayOdin: Both Ramli Yusuff and Mat Zain Ibrahim, two former top brass of the police force, have, on several occasions, publicly accused the former inspector-general of police (IGP) Musa Hassan and the current attorney-general (AG) Abdul Gani Patail of various wrongdoings, and yet the latter two have remained silent.

Therefore, these two are guilty as accused. Musa is already out of the system. Gani is still in it. That Musa has not been charged, and Gani is still in active service, clearly proves that PM Najib Razak and his government condone their nefarious acts.

Kim Quek: It is as clear as daylight - with abundance of documentary and other evidence revealed in the past - that Gani had conspired with Musa to fix former Commercial Crimes Investigation Department (CCID) director Ramli.

So, Mr Prime Minister, when are you going to discharge your sworn duty, which is to initiate a tribunal to investigate the attorney-general so as to repair the badly tarnished image of your government?

Since it was the PM who was responsible for the AG's appointment (the AG is appointed by the Agong on PM's advice), the PM is also duty bound to remove the AG if the latter has run foul of the law.

Vijay47: Ramli has on numerous occasions accused by name the present AG and the previous IGP of gross abuse of power.

If these two men are as pure as the driven snow as they would want us to believe, they should both institute civil proceedings against Ramli for defamation of character.

What are you waiting for, Gani and Musa? Ramli is either right or wrong. It is shameful when the two top so-called defenders of the law sink so low in the execution of their duties. If you had any honour, you have no choice but this - sue or resign.

Dont Just Talk: What is happening to Malaysia is shameful and the question that needs to be asked is, why is Gani still holding on to his post as AG with all the allegations thrown at him.

He neither make any attempt to rebut the allegations nor admit to it and the government, under the corrupted Umno, appears to be powerless to remove him.

Starr: Clearly, to be accused publicly, the serving AG should answer all the charges leveled against him and Musa.

This episode has brought the office of the AG into total disrepute and the AG is wholly responsible for such miscarriage of justice against a former top enforcement officer.

It's either a case of the justice system being totally rotten, or those administering the system being totally unfit for the purpose.

PaperRoses: How on earth could the AG still remain in office is beyond words. He couldn't even defend himself against what have been said by both Ramli and Mat Zain.

My 15-year-old son frets and jumps if I wrongly accuse him of playing video games but could our AG ignore all these allegations if they are not true?

Taikohtai: It's not the time to continue to get angry. Get even instead, as the scores of fellow Malaysians are victimised by the AG and his PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) bullies each week.

Ramli must gather his supporters to clean up the system so that PDRM can revert back to their once proud force of the people, by the people and for the people.

Mahashitla: Ramli, you have suffered indeed over the past five years, together with six other officers and even your lawyer. Do not blame the PDRM or ex-IGP Musa.
It is the system that has been built up by none other than former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad to serve the interests of the powers-that-be.

Many senior officers wanted to get promoted and the fastest way to do that is to 'apple-polish' and carry out the instructions of these crooked politicians. You have experienced and suffered yourself to understand this situation better than anyone.

Now that you are a free man, the rakyat hope you can use your professionalism and experience to help to correct the wrongs and help to make Malaysia a better nation.

Lover Boy: Tuan Ramli, what I admire most is your wife, Anita Haron, the Sessions Court judge.

I can imagine the difficult times and the humiliation that she have to endure. She stood by her man through the thick and thin.

Puan Anita, all Malaysians admire your courage and determination. I do hope you will be elevated to the High Court soon.

Wira: I am uncomfortable with Ramli's statement that it is the incumbent duty of the leadership within the force to protect its officers. There must be a caveat to this.

PDRM is not a Gestapo to perpetuate crime and exact cruelty to the people they swore to protect.

Members of the force had certainly done a great job inflicting injuries to the participants in all Bersih peaceful mass protests. Their camaraderie ensure little cooperation nor positive identification of the perpetrators.

Onyourtoes: Like some commentators in Malaysiakini, I too have some misgivings on what Ramli said.

First, are you implying that the AG and former IGP have committed abuse of power only against you and your six other fellow officers, and none others? Is it acceptable to you if the AG and the former IGP have done this to others but not to you?

Second, are you saying the comradeship and esprit de corps should be maintained at all cost; it does not matter in that togetherness, trust and truth have been sacrificed. So the maxim of police sticking together to protect their own kind is true.

Third, are you saying that retired police personnel must hear, see and speak no evil of the police force? That they must maintain their elegant silence even in the face of blatant lies and deception committed by the force?

I am sorry if I have misconstrued you. I think I just lost my respect for you.

PaperRoses: Who was the promoter of Musa and Gani, and the father of all these problems that put Malaysia in such a mess? Mahathir?

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