The Pakatan Rakyat-ruled Selangor government will allocate RM300 million in its 2013 budget to realise Barisan Nasional's unfulfilled promise of constructing a third bridge in Klang.

Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, who tabled the budget in the state assembly this morning, mocked BN over its promise to build the bridge, which was made just several days before the 2008 general election.

“I was informed that the earth-breaking ceremony was completed by the previous government a few days before the 12th general election.

“Unfortunately after more than four years, not to say the bridge, even a beam is not seen! Hence in 2013, although we know that bridge construction is the responsibility of federal government, the state government will fund the construction to 'fulfill' the unfulfilled promise of Umno-BN,” he said.

The RM300 million is part of the RM500 million allocation extracted from the state government reserve to implement several infrastructure projects.

“Due to the unfair allocation of development fund to the Selangor people by the federal government despite Selangor being the major contributor to the national economy, contributing 23 percent of the total federal income, it is now time for the state government to use the state reserve in 2013,” said Khalid.

The state reserve has reached RM2.57 billion as at Oct 31, 2012, according to Khalid.

Taking advanage of stormwater

RM100 million from the RM500 million will be used to fund the new initiative of using stormwater at downstream rivers as sources for treated water, as the National Water Resources Study (NWRS) has found that the runoff water is as high as 9,168 million litres everyday.

“All this time this quantity has not been used as sources for treated water. Therefore Selangor state government will show to the federal government that Selangor has the potential to take advantage of stormwater at downstream rivers as sources for treated water,” Khalid explaind.

The state government will allocate another RM50 million to upgrade the drainage system in the state as the federal government has failed to allocate RM1 billion for the Irrigation and Drainage Department.

The rest of the RM50 million will be used to build ready-made affordable houses which are managed by Selangor Housing and Property Board to reduce the people's burden amid rising housing prices.

This morning, Khalid tabled a RM1.63 billion balanced budget for 2013 entitled “Selangor, Leader of Malaysian Economy”.

It consists of RM996,980,690, or 61 percent, of operating expenditure and RM633,019,310, or 39 percent, of development expenditure.

The operating expenditure has reduced by 0.3 percent compare to 2012 while the development expenditure has risen by five percent, an evidence of good and systematic fiscal management, added Khalid.

"We are also proud of the concept of 'value for money' which has helped us to save RM102.2 million of expenditure through open tender involving 63 projects approved in the previous year.

"The takeover of the solid waste disposal service has also helped us to save more than RM80 million annually and this saving is used to help the people in accordance with the concept of 'state income for the people'," he said.