Monday 5 November 2012

PKR: AES contractor linked to Johor Umno

4:35PM Nov 5, 2012  
According to Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) records, one of the two firms given the contract for the highly-criticised Automated Enforcement System (AES) for traffic offences has links with Johor Umno, says opposition party PKR.

"The largest shareholder of one of the AES contractors has very substantial connection with Johor Umno," PKR central committee member Chang Lih Kang said in a statement.

The person in question, he claimed, is the eldest offspring from the union of two renowned Umno political figures in Johor, the father a division chief while the mother is the deputy Wanita Umno chief of Johor.

Both her parents and a cousin, Chang said, are also state assemblypersons.

"With the extraordinary connection between the largest shareholder of the company and Umno, another instance of sheer cronyism is evident.

"If this is not cronyism, how on earth does the government deem a dormant company without expertise in the related field is worth rewarding a lucrative AES contract?" he asked.

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