MP SPEAKS The irresponsible threats raised by Unmo leaders at their 66th general gssembly of "May 13" and chaos if the party loses the 13th general election, falsely claiming that Malays will lose political power and will be rendered "destitute in our own land", is the best proof of the failure and hypocrisy of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's 1Malaysia policy.

If the 1Malaysia Policy proclaimed by Najib after becoming prime minister in April 2009 is more than an election gimmick for votes in the 13GE, its philosophy "to create a Malaysian nation where every Malaysian will regard himself or herself as Malaysian first and race, religion, geographical region or socio-economic status second" should have been the guiding spirit of speeches of Umno/BN leaders and their party conferences.

But this is clearly not the case despite the onset of the 43rd month of Najib's premiership, as illustrated by the 66th Umno General Assembly.

NONEIn the first place, an Umno/BN leader fully imbued by the 1Malaysia spirit of "Malaysian first and race, religion, geography or socio-economic status second" would never entertain any notion let alone utter any threat of May 13 or chaos regardless of the outcome of the forthcoming polls, as anyone who could toy with any May 13 threat or warning of chaos because of the free democratic choice of Malaysians in their choice has not only failed to imbibe the spirit of 1Malaysia, but is acting in a most disloyal and unpatriotic manner utterly heedless of the higher interests of the nation and the best future for the country.

Such disloyal and unpatriotic notions are all the more reprehensible as they are built on despicable lies and falsehoods, that the defeat of Umno will result in the loss of political power of the Malays resulting in the Malays, to quote one speech: "..if we go down in this struggle, we do not have anything left. We will be brought down to our knees, and eventually become destitute in our own land".

students protest against price hike in putrajaya pm's departmentThat fate may befall party leaders - and that is if Umno is incapable of reform even after being ousted from Putrajaya - but definitely it will not be the fate of the Malays.

This is because replacing Umno/BN in Putrajaya will be the Pakatan Rakyat coalition comprising PKR, PAS and DAP - made up of Malaysians from all races, religions and regions representing the best interests of all.
Foolhardiness of playing racial card
Do MCA and the other BN component parties agree that if the ruling coalition loses in the 13GE, the Malays will lose political power?

MCA leaders are in fact saying the very opposite - telling the Chinese that if Pakatan Rakyat defeast Umno/BN in the coming polls, the Chinese will lose even more political, economic, educational, socio-economic and citizenship rights!

Let Umno and MCA leaders decide on one common message - whether it is the Malays or Chinese who will lose political power if Umno/BN is replaced by Pakatan Rakyat in the 13GE.

NONEThe true answer is that it is not the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans or Ibans who will lose political power but the Umno-putras and their hangers-on in the other BN component parties - with ordinary Malaysians regardless of race, religion or region coming into their own to have a rightful share in the decision-making process in a more democratic Malaysia.

It is time that Umno and MCA leaders stop their irresponsible politics of "divide and rule" and compete with Pakatan Rakyat parties instead on "unite and rule" for a more democratic, just, prosperous and competitive Malaysia.