Saturday 10 November 2012

Nurul not anti-Islam, but a true Muslim

8:55AM Nov 10, 2012  
YOURSAY 'This is what it is all about: true believers can never be coerced, either to embrace a new religion or to leave the religion that they believed in.'

Transcript of Nurul Izzah's Q&A at forum
your sayJimmyKL: I salute Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar for speaking honestly and sincerely.

She is not a hypocrite like many other politicians but her honesty and sincerity might cause Pakatan Rakyat, especially PAS and PKR (because these parties compete in rural and semi-rural constituencies with Malay-Muslim majority), some Malay-Muslim votes.

At this crucial point where the general election is just around the corner, Nurul should be more cautious with her statements.

It is the Malay-Muslim votes now that are in contention. Without the support of at least 60 percent of the Malay-Muslim votes, capturing Putrajaya is difficult if not impossible.

So at this point of time, any issue that might affect the support of Malay-Muslim voters should be deal cautiously and pragmatically.

Fairplayer: It's clear that Nurul was merely responding to questions asked and she was just being level-headed and honest in her answers.

Her accusers should appreciate her moral courage to speak with honesty and sincerity. At least, she is not a hypocrite.

Onyourtoes: Nurul, I think you spoke the last part well. "You believe so strongly in your faith, that even me, being schooled in Assunta with a huge cross in the hall and an active singing Catholic society will not deter you."

You used the word ‘quality' in our faith. This is what it is all about: true believers can never be coerced, either to embrace a new religion or to leave the religion that they believed in.

Only the lesser quality type (or fake believers) can embrace a new religion by coercion and also can be easily enticed to leave.

It does not matter what the man-made rules and regulations have stipulated. They only govern nominal and not true believers.

Chee Hoe Siew: So there is not a single thing in Nurul Izzah's answer that suggesting she propagate religious freedom for the Malays.

Best of all, she insist that if your faith is strong, nothing in the environment can deter you. It looks like BN and its cronies are really trying to spin hard to attack Pakatan, even when it is below the belt.
Joepaul: Nurul, I salute you for speaking out what many Muslims think and feel but have been intimidated into silence. Please stand firm and don't let the religious goons grind you down.

They think they are defending God (as if He needs their help) but are only insulting Him and doing Islam a great disservice.

Anonymous #18452573: Nurul has a good head on her shoulders and a good spirit in her heart. No wonder, they are attacking her.

This is not only because she speaks like a good stateswoman, but also like a good leader and a future prime minister whom we so sorely need.

Wira: Someone in Utusan Malaysia definitely could understand English. However, understanding English and getting the facts right is not Utusan's purpose in journalism.

Spinning facts and propping up a corrupt and decaying regime is Utusan's declared intention.

Francis_14a3: That's a perfect answer from a very matured thinking young woman. What's the fuss, BN?

Come on, please stop twisting everything what Pakatan MPs say. BN must be completely bankrupt of ideas.

Sarajun Hoda: How wicked the minds of Umno leaders are. More so, those playing God and who are made to be in charge of Islam. There is no critical or rational thinking at all. They are only fond of twisting words and make them sound evil.

For having such leaders representing Islam in Malaysia, I think, all Muslims should be ashamed of them.

Jaguh: Nurul is so forthright and sincere in her comments, not to mention being very honest about her feelings and she does distinguish between how she feels and what the rest of the people should be.

I wonder how she can be chastised by BN and obviously they are holding her to her 'own' beliefs.

Somehow, I feel she was cornered and hookwinked by some of the questions asked and in some ways 'played' into BN's hands.

But she displayed honesty in her endeavours to answer the questions thrown at her. She is definitely not anti-Islam, but a true Muslim.

Unspin: Let's do a simple litmus test:

If abstinence from alcohol, gambling and corruption is the trait of a good Muslim, can any "holier than thou" Umno hypocrites stand up if they think that they are better Muslims than Nurul Izzah?

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