One of three DAP's newly-launched war trucks has gone missing early this morning in Johor, says state DAP chief Dr Boo Cheng Hau.

Boo said the three tonne truck parked outside a shop house in Taman Tun Aminah is believed to have been stolen.

"It was parked outside my Wanita chief's shophouse. When they came back at 11pm, they saw that it was still there but by 7am when her daughter went out she noticed the truck had disappeared," he said.

NONEBoo said despite the presence of several similar trucks along the road, DAP's conspicuous-looking one bearing a large picture of the party's mascot Ubah was targeted.

"On the same road, there are a few furniture shops with similar trucks but they were left untouched, so we can quite reasonably say it is politically motivated," he said.

He added that the vehicle was near the main road and it could have been driven off easily.

Boo said the particular truck contained DAP's merchandise and publicity material.

He also pointed out that the theft follows a series of acts of political violence targeted at PKR's campaign bus and called on both sides of the political divide to make a pledge against violence ahead of national polls.

He added that the a police report on the incident would be lodged soon.

The missing truck and its twin were meant to accompany the main trailer-towing truck that was launched on Oct 28.
Trouble also in Perak

Meanwhile, in Sungai Siput, Perak, a convoy led by a PAS-linked settlers' rights group was blocked by some 100 people from entering Felda Lasah.

NONEAccording to Harakah Daily, the National Children of Felda Settlers Association's (Anak) 20-vehicle convoy was surrounded at around 10am.

"Most of them were wearing shirts with Umno and BN logos," Anak president Mazlan Aliman was quoted as saying.

Mazlan claimed that he was dragged out of the car and pushed around by a number of youths, who hurled profanities at him.

It was reported that the group had to turned back on police advise. There were around 10 police officer present at the fracas.

The entourage, dubbed ‘Kembara Oren’ (Orange Tour), is part of a series of roadshows into Felda areas to brief its settlers about protecting their interest.