DAP has challenged Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to state his stand on whether BN parties rewarding itself with state land is a an act of corruption.
Its  national publicity secretary Tony Pua said if so, then the PM has to ban such acts and have all previously state land acquired cheap, returned to the government.

NONE“Najib Razak, as the Selangor Umno chief who has declared that Selangor must be ‘returned’ to BN ‘at all costs’ must state his stand on the land grab by the coalition that he leads.

“Does the prime minister also condone the land grab exercises and agree with his Selangor Umno information chief?
“Or does Najib hold the ‘transformed belief that such blatant land grab by BN is corrupt, an abuse of power and a serious breach of the people’s trust?” asked Pua in a statement today.
He added that Najib had to declare that such exercises by BN component parties must not only be banned, all land that has previously been alienated to them on the cheap, must be returned to the state.

Pua said that Selangor Umno’s justification for such acts rewarding  the latter for its contributions was “shocking”. 

Umno 'digging deeper hole'

He said while the news that BN parties had secured state land for their own parties was no surprise, “what is perhaps more surprising is that such information was somehow kept under wraps for such a long time after they lost their hold on power”.

NONE“But what is most shocking is the response by Selangor Umno information chief Abdul Shukor Idrus, who is the state assemblyman for Kuang who argued that ‘what’s wrong with giving the land to Umno’ as reward for the ‘contributions by Umno in fighting for independence and developing this country’.

He said Umno and BN leaders “clearly have no sense of right and wrong and are completely uneducated in the ability to differentiate between what belongs to the government or people, as opposed to what belongs to the political parties”.
On Tuesday DAP Sekinchan assemblyperson Ng Swee Lim exposed that BN component parties had secured at least 24 pieces of valuable land from the state government while they were in power between 2000 to 2008. 

Pua said these pieces of land which are mostly in commercial areas, amounting to 34.5 acres were “sold” to Umno, MCA, MIC and Gerakan for a “pitiful” RM1 per square feet.

Abdul Shukor yesterday tried to justify the land sales saying that the property had been used solely for the community.

According to Pua, the Hansard recorded Shukor’s response in Parliament as, "If you look at the service by Umno in fighting for independence so that Sekinchan (rep Ng) can become as ‘lawa’ (pretty) as he is today.
"If it weren’t for Umno’s fight for independence and development of this country, I think Sekinchan (Ng) would be wearing leaves right now… so what is wrong with giving (the land) to Umno?”

Pua said Shukor’s justification yesterday will only “dig a deeper hole for Umno and himself”

Pua said Umno’s response to issue shows that they will “continue to rape the state by carving out valuable pieces of land to Umno, MCA, MIC and Gerakan at dirt cheap prices” if they were to be re- elected in the upcoming general elections”.