A meeting with state government officials yesterday has left Kelantan Chinese guilds feeling optimistic that the Kota Baru Municipal Council will relax its controversial ruling on unisex hair salons.

Kelantan Chinese Chamber of Commerce chairperson Goh Tee Chew said that the meeting lasted about one hour and the state government had promised to look into their recommendations.

"We asked the state to relax the rules banning female hairdresser from cutting the male customer's hair and male hairdresser from cutting the female customer's hair.

"They still need to look into our demand. They didn't said it is okay yet. But I'm optimistic following the meeting," said Goh when contacted.

Exco members Takiyuddin Hassan and Muhamed Fadzli Hassan were among those in the state government's delegation which met the Chinese guilds.

Decision soon
Goh refused to divulge further details on the meeting as the two exco members will need to brief the state cabinet on the matter.

NONEMeanwhile, according to Harakah Daily, Takiyuddin (right) said that the state government welcomed the suggestions from the Chinese guilds.

"I believe that the state government will make a decision soon - one that will take cognisance of the interest of all parties," he said.

The controversy over Kelantan's strict enforcement of unisex hair salons first erupted when it was reported that a female hairdresser was summoned by the Kota Baru Municipal Council (MPKB) for cutting the hair of a non-Muslim male customer.