azlanLed by Himpunan Hijau chairperson Wong Tack, a seasoned campaigner against Lynas, the group assembled at Kuantan's MPK Field 1 at around 8am before departing, cheered on by some 400 supporters.

Among the participants are 12 indigenous people of Sarawak, who are protesting against hydroelectric dams project in their state. Also participating are Bersih steering committee members Liau Kok Fah and Wong Chin Huat.
Prayers and coconuts

The stand out participant is a 60-year-old man, who is attempting to march the entire journey bare foot.

According to Himpunan Hijau publicity chief Lee Chean Chung, prior to the march, Islamic, Buddhist and Christian prayers for safety were held.

NONEThe group also stopped at a Hindu temple later to smash 50 coconuts as an offering in conjunction with Deepavali, which is celebrated today.

“Liao and Chin Huat also smashed eight coconuts to symbolise Bersih's eight demands for electoral reforms,” said Lee.

Lee said the groups is expected to walk 30km today and they will stay  at Gambang for the night. He expects fine weather for the day.
Auspicious day

Police and special branch personnel were spotted at the event launch, but but they did not interfere.

NONEWong Tack (right, clutching water bottle) told Malaysiakini later that he was very excited because he did not expect so many people

"Today is Deepavali and I feel that it is very meaningful. We want to walk from darkness to the light.

"In this 13 days, the people will be united and we will walk to parliament to make our voices heard," he said.

The group is expected to arrive at the gates of Parliament on Nov 26. The group has planned stopovers at Maran, Temerloh, Mentakab, Bentong and Genting Highland along the way.