Friday 12 October 2012

Where did the RM40mil come from?

YOURSAY 'The money certainly could not have been from the bottom of Victoria Harbour or the swamp in Mongkok.'

'RM40mil smuggled cash not for Musa but for Sabah Umno'

your sayAnonymous #37634848: The issue is who paid RM40 million to Sabah CM Musa Aman or Umno and why.

If the money is for Umno, can the relevant authorities check how much such funds Umno has received? The rakyat need answers.

Odin: Of course, Musa is innocent, just as former transport minister Ling Liong Sik was incapable of cheating the cabinet in Putrajaya. After all, even an unrepentant sinner would not be able to cheat a stick of furniture.

But could we ask where the money came from? It certainly could not have been from the bottom of Victoria Harbour or the swamp in Mongkok.

Mushiro: Whichever way you look at this, this is mega-corruption. And how very easily the Umno government through Minister in the PM's Department Nazri Abdul Aziz excused Musa Aman. This is only the tip of the corruption iceberg.

Anonymous #32993250: This is Umnoland and all forms of corruption are accepted as long as the amount are in millions and they - Umnoputras and Umnoputris - are free to do with impunity.

The poor rakyat get a mere RM500 through BR1M - indeed, this is an ‘eye wash' so they can steal millions and billions from the state coffers.

Oscar Kilo: The Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) took no further action not because there was no crime, but because their Malaysian counterparts were covering up the case.

We need to get the Hong Kong ICAC to come here and investigate the Malaysian MACC and all Umno-BN politicians. Umno is corrupt to the core.

Ez24get: This raises even more questions. Where did the money come from? From whom? Was the money legal or has it been subjected to income tax?

Why did the funds go to Umno Sabah? Does it contravene the Money Laundering Act?

But I am not surprised that MACC stop short of investigation. MACC is used by the power-that-be brazenly to legitimise their ill-gotten millions/billions gains but unleashed tenaciously like a pitbull on the opposition even on minuscule sum of RM2,500.

TBH (Teoh Beng Hock) has not died in vain in exposing the inequitable and sorry state of the MACC. The rakyat are not stupid, they have eyes and they can see.

Tpn: Umno, we want the identity of the donors immediately. If not, then we can confirm that this money is "duit haram".

It makes me sick to see these things happen, and yet they hound Suaram for receiving RM250,000 from foreign donors.

Multi Racial: The fact remain huge money has been deposited into someone or some party's account. Is this is not corruption what you call it?

Now that it was admitted by Nazri that Umno Sabah did accept the money, it is now either Umno Sabah or Musa Aman who should be charged for corruption. It depends on who gave the order to bring in the money.

Ferdtan: Registrar of Societies (ROS), where are you? Nazri, in trying to exonerate Musa Aman, pointed the finger at Sabah Umno.

This is money laudering, and the bagman was caught red-handed in Hong Kong. Why didn't the ROS investigate and raid Umno offices in Sabah? Why did they only go after Suaram when they didn't have any real evidence at all?

The general election is near, so expect more such illegal funds coming back from foreign shores.

Jose: Which state has the excellent financial management record if none other than Sabah? And this, under the leadership of Musa Aman.

Not Confused: Honest and trustworthy organisations with integrity would transfer the money electronically, not carry it by hand surreptitiously into Malaysia in a suitcase.

Come on, do you really think that we are that stupid? Who in their right mind would walk around with that much cash in his suitcase unless it was illegal in some way and it needed to be hidden from someone or some authority.

That such people with this kind of mentality are running a state government is almost unbelievable.

jk7462000: Excuse me, Nazri, but we are missing the point here. Whether the case was for Musa or Umno, what difference does it make? You're still smuggling cash, right?

And if it is legitimate money, why the need to smuggle it? So what this shows is not only is Musa corrupted, Umno is also confirmed to be corrupt and was caught red-handed smuggling/laundering money.

Absalom: Should there be a change in government, one of the first things the new government should do is to disband the MACC and get rid of all the top brass. It has hardly any credibility left.

How else can you explain its record in tackling corruption in Malaysia?
How can you not find an element of corruption where a guy was caught red-handed with RM40 million in cash but you want to leave no stone unturned in a case involving RM2,500 to the point of a man losing his life?

If they are not cooperating with the authorities in Hong Kong and Switzerland, then it is not only an obstruction of justice but also abetting in whatever illegal crap is going on.

Spinnot: What's the RM40 million for? I don't remember there was a VVIP wedding reception at that time.

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