Monday 15 October 2012

Sarawak roadworks ‘unsatisfactory’, says Auditor-General

October 15, 2012
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 15 — The Auditor-General’s Report released today said the projects to build and upgrade rural roads in Sarawak were “unsatisfactory” after the audit team found delays, negative feedback and even roads built not following contract specifications.

The roadworks, which were part of the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP) consisting of 175 projects and initially costing taxpayers RM1.727 billion, were split for implementation between the Sarawak Public Works Department receiving 146 projects worth RM1.104 billion while 29 contracts worth RM622.84 million were handled by the Sarawak Drainage and Irrigation Department.

“The auditing found that overall the projects to build and upgrade rural roads in Sarawak were unsatisfactory,” the report said, adding that as of December 2011, a total of RM1.024 billion of the allocated amount had been used.

It added that out of 101 completed projects, 38 worth RM178.94 million had suffered from delays of between 15 and 242 days.

“The roads built were not following the contract specifications and there is customer dissatisfaction from feedback regarding road quality, safety and comfort,” the report said.

The report was also critical of all federal and state agencies involved, asking for better surveillance for all future roadwork projects.

“The Ministry for Rural and Regional Development must ensure that each new road development/upgrading project must be planned thoroughly and entirely so these projects can be implemented without disruption,” it said, adding that the ministry and development agencies should also consider value for money when allowing a project to go ahead.

It added that all agencies involved should monitor their projects for quality control until a Certificate of Practical Completion was issued.

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