Wednesday 31 October 2012

Free dinners not barometer of support

YOURSAY 'If not for the pretext of donations to the Chinese school, I reckon only MCA members and their cronies will attend the function.'

'Exodus at MCA dinner not sign of flaccid support'

your sayOdin: MCA deputy president Liow Tiong Lai, you fellows in the BN are all suffering from diseases called lying and self-deluding, besides those called stealing, deceiving and bullying.

Three thousand of your guests walking out when your president was delivering his speech after all the dinner courses had been served tells us that they have no respect for your party chief, and they were not interested to hear what he had got to say.

They attended the dinner only to enjoy a meal paid for. They are certainly no supporters. But go on living in your world of self-delusion.

Anonymous #41809171: "It doesn't mean that if someone leaves (the event), there must be a serious issue. It doesn't mean that they (the crowd) are not giving us support," said Liow.

Really? Even if 20 percent of the crowd stage a walk-out right in the middle of the MCA president's speech? You guys are more deluded than I imagined.

Ctrich: When MCA president Chua Soi Lek was talking, I noticed many diners were busy talking among themselves and not listening at all. Many tables were empty too and lots of tables are occupied by fewer than five persons.

I was told MCA members went around distributing dinner tickets free but many people turned them down and instead preferred to buy the RM100 tickets to attend a DAP dinner the next day.

If not for the pretext of donations to the Chinese school, I reckon only MCA members and their cronies would have attended the function.

YF: Umno, you heard that? Chua is willing to abandon Umno when Johor gets a Chinese MB. Not only has Chua insulted Islam, Chua now confesses he will leave Umno when Umno loses power.

So Umno, you still want to stick around with Chua and MCA? They are opportunists rather than loyal partners.

Bluemountains: There is no need for you to claim to have the people's support. MCA will know where it stands once the ballots are counted.

Free dinners are not a good indication of support. But one thing that is certain to happen is that many of MCA parliamentarians and ministers must prepare themselves for early retirement.

Armageddon: People attending the MCA dinner (or any other BN-sponsored dinner) because either the dinner is free or they get pocket money or they are afraid of repercussion by the authority for not attending the dinner.

Go ahead and dream, MCA. Try organise a dinner and ask for donations just like Pakatan Rakyat is doing, and see how many show up.

Queenie: Liow, next time you want to have a large crowd, just announce that the dinner is to say farewell to MCA. People will be stumbling over one another to get a seat. You can even charge the diners.

Gov't stays committed to recover NFC money

Changeagent: If the government is seriously committed to recovering the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) money, they should talk to Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil's family members.

Tell them to liquidate all the purchased assets like the Bangsar and Scott Road super-condominiums, Mercedes Benz, Putrajaya prime land and shop-house buildings for cash so that it can be repaid to the government.

There is no point in talking to the so-called other companies because they are not the guilty parties which have misappropriated RM250 million of public funds to fund their own lavish and obscenely corrupt lifestyles.

Anonymous_3e86: How much time does the BN government wants to recover the money? 10 years? 20 years?

Freeze the assets of Shahrizat and her family since they are NFC shareholders. Then auction off their assets to recover the RM250 million. What's so difficult?

Odin: As we are all aware by now, Agriculture Minister Noh Omar's words are as valueless as the prawn droppings on his prawn farms.

The whole affair shows opacity to obfuscate wrongdoings and incompetency - two of the ugly features synonymous with the BN government and the way the ‘first-class bumiputeras' do business - and no real desire to act against the pseudo-cowboys and recover the money.

LittleGiant: The agriculture minister's statement that "may be they have their own way to continue..." only shows that he is completely clueless and has zero knowledge about what is actually happening in NFC.

A responsible minister would have all the facts and information ready at his fingertips, especially when it involves a high-profile issue of public interest.

Onyourtoes: Noh Omar, just stop the project. It is useless to continue. Talking with other companies will not help the government to recover the money.
Who would want to start a business with minus RM250 million. So please don't talk as if the government will lose nothing if other companies were to take over the project.

Supplying high quality beef is not a national strategic issue. Leave it to the private sector and open up more lands for cattle farming to genuine operators. Make them totally responsible and take their own risks.

That is how enterprise and industry evolve - businessmen take risks, make profits and expand over time.

Kolopilah: In any failed transaction, the banks will normally recall the loans. In this case, if the family cannot repay, the banks will immediately initiate proceedings for bankruptcy.

For once, let the whole family go bankrupt so as to remind politicians like you and so many other Umno leaders that it does not pay to be corrupt.

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