Penang will not proceed with the installation of the Automatic Enforcement System (AES) for traffic offences, pending its own study of the implementation of the controversial project.

NONE"Penang will study the matter before installing the cameras (and) discuss (it) with all stakeholders," Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng (left) told a press conference at Anwar Ibrahim’s office in Parliament House.

Speaking after the opposition coalition's weekly leadership council meeting this afternoon, Lim dubbed the AES cameras as ‘1Malaysia cameras’.

"Well, they’re calling everything ‘1Malaysia’ these days, so AES can be ‘1Malaysia cameras’," he said.

Lim said the Penang government will look closely into the system, to ensure that it fulfils its purpose of deterring traffic offences, rather than serve as ‘another cash-cow for cronies’.

This, he explained, is possible because installation will require the cooperation and approval of local councils.

Pakatan to observe Penang

The strategy has received the nod of the central Pakatan leadership.

NONEOpposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim said that the coalition "is interested" in how Penang deals with the matter, but stopped short of saying if other Pakatan-led states will follow suit.

The installation of the system has courted public opposition after a Pakatan crusade spearheaded by PAS MP Mahfuz Omar (right) and his Kumpulan Anti Saman Ekor pressure group against unfair traffic enforcement.

Mahfuz and other Pakatan leaders have alleged that the system is to be implemented in such a way that it benefits the companies operating it, by trapping the motorists in unfair ways like installing cameras in 30km/h areas.

The government has defended the system as a much-needed tool to help solve Malaysia's alarming accident rate.