PAS vice-president Salahuddin Ayub and central working committee member Khalid Samad said today the statement made by former party deputy president Nasharuddin Mat Isa has nothing to do with PAS.
At a press conference to respond to Nasharuddin's statement that DAP wants to form a Christian state, Khalid said Nasharuddin’s acts raised suspicions that he was following the instructions of “those outside of PAS”.

“To me, his actions have been planned by those outside of PAS, like Umno, to cause trouble in Pakatan Rakyat and PAS.

“PAS has a syura council and the council will speak up against any move by the party that is against Islam. Nasharuddin’s statement is a personal view, and not the council’s view,” Khalid said.

NONELabelling it “cheap politics”, Khalid said Nasharuddin (right, in photo), who is a syura council member, had never raised the matter before, either at the council or in the central committee meetings.

This was despite Nasharuddin claiming that the prayers for the formation of the Christian state had taken place soon after the Sarawak election in April.

He added that if Nasharuddin's statement was true, the syura council would have spoken up against it much earlier.

'Fishing to be sacked'

“How long have we been working with DAP? ...His statements have nothing to do with PAS, and if DAP wants to take legal action, it is up to them,” he said.

Asked whether disciplinary action will be taken against Nasharuddin, who is also Bachok MP, Salahuddin said “it is up to the syura council”.

NONEHowever, Khalid (right) said “reading between the lines”, Nasharuddin seems to be fishing to be sacked by saying that he does not care about his PAS membership.

He also lambasted Nasharuddin for claiming that no Islamic government has been formed with the help of non-Muslims.

“As a learned individual, I am baffled by this statement as the Medina government was formed by the Prophet Muhammad with the support of the Jews and the mushrik (non-believers),” Khalid said.

He added that the first Muslim pilgrimmage was from Mecca to Abyssinia, as the prophet said it was ruled by a Christian king who was just.

Sarawak DAP had earlier refuted Nasharuddin's claim, calling it “malicious and irresponsible”.
'Malaysia should intervene in Burma'

Meanwhile, Khalid called upon the Malaysian government to intervene in Burma to stop the violence against the Rohingya community.

“We want the government to play an active role against this as what is happening in Burma is unacceptable to the international community, especially the Asean (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries,” he said.

rohingya refugeesHe also reminded Malaysians not to fall into the same trap of communal violence, incited by those who use race and religion as a political tool.

“Malaysians should heed what is happening in Burma, as there are people among us who are using race and religion to split the people... by accusing others of wanting to form a Christian state, a Hindu state or Chinese supremacy...,” Khalid said.

He claimed the sustained violence was exacerbated by claims that the Muslim Rohingya were trying to establish a Muslim state in largely Buddhist Burma.

The violence was sparked after allegations that a Rohingya person had raped a Buddhist woman.