Wednesday 24 October 2012

Pakatan states - in poverty or the other way round?

VOXPOP ‘By the government's desperate assumptions, Penang, Selangor and the other Pakatan states should be bankrupt by now.'

Rafizi: Easy to be BN analyst, just yell 'bankrupt!'

vox populi small thumbnail2CTSWORTH: Rafizi, your revelation is clear and heartening and gives hope that Pakatan Rakyat's economic projections are real. The government is always ready to tear down any glimpse of hope that Pakatan portrays in its economic strategy.

By its (BN government's) desperate assumptions, Penang, Selangor and the other Pakatan states should be bankrupt by now.

Hang Tuah PJ: Rafizi. Is this why Hassan Marican's contract with Petronas was not renewed and we lost him to Singapore?

IKn.w: Hope this message will be taken up by all parties in Pakatan to designate all branches and leaders to inform all citizens, especially those in rural areas, so that they can understand and see the bigger picture as to why a change of government is absolutely needed urgently in Malaysia.

We do not want Malaysia to be in an economic situation like Greece or Spain or our ringgit will become much more worthless soon, compared with the poor current exchange rate to US and Singapore dollars, and the euro.

It is needless to look far as our debt-to-GDP ratio is close (only two to three percent short) of the 55 percent maximum limit as per constitution.

Nst: Rafizi, your words are music to the ears. Can you find all possible ways to disseminate the true and the relevant information to the people in the kampung, Felda estates, new villages and pockets of Indian settlements in the country?

We know Pakatan is trying its best to do that, but maybe we need to do more. Not so worried about the people in cities and towns, for they seem to know the truth.

Anticommunalist: Easy for Pakatan to ignore the plight of the marginalised Indians by just labelling their demands as being 'racist'. Easy for Pakatan to avoid any criticism by just labelling the critics as 'BN agents'. Rafizi, what goes around comes around.

Justice Pao: Rafizi should be the finance minister or the trade and industry minister when Pakatan takes Putrajaya.

His analysis and reasoning on how Pakatan rules a state like Selangor with RM1.6 billion revenue for five million people and yet still have a surplus of RM1.9 billion as compared with the oil rich or BN-subsidised state of Terengganu with only one million people and spending more than RM2 billion a year, yet running into deficits, is an excellent example of how Pakatan will manage the finances of the country.

It is BN that will run the country into bankruptcy.

Moon rat: Pakatan's alternative budget has no direction and no planning.

Cabbies: Fulfil our demands or we'll drive for Pakatan

Tangling: Shameless taxi-drivers threatening the government. Najib, you are not permitted to throw our money at them.

Onyourtoes: Hello, taxi drivers, the BN government is looking into your problems. They are looking into ways to issue licences to individuals. They are still considering it, so be patient. It will take some time.

They will let you know, probably after the election. In the meantime, be thankful, at least you still can cari makan here in Malaysia. Don't be jealous of those who were issued hundreds of taxi permits.

Yap CS: No one should pay attention to blackmail like this. If the demands are legitimate, then it should be supported. But threats like this, "Give us this or we support the other side", should be ignored.

Chee Hoe Siew: What? A PKR-backed NGO for taxi drivers demanding terms from Umno? So, if BN agrees, does it mean that it will stop carrying Pakatan supporters? PKR really needs to choose its supporters carefully.

Artchan: Syed Hamid is an Umno politician. And the permits are in Umno's hands - its cronies and proxies. So, do the taxi drivers believe they will get anything unless there is a regime change?

My: I like the concept of drive for Pakatan. Let's do it, taxi drivers - support, support, bravo, bravo - you are the best.

Anonymous #18452573: Their stand does not sound very principled. Shouldn't people campaign for who truly stands for a free and clean nation and not use their votes and alliances as a bargaining chip?

Kelate: I think it is not right for Pakatan to lend support to such a ‘blackmail' way of negotiation. However, I do support that the current system of giving taxi permits to crony companies needs to be revoked and permits given to taxi driver associations instead.

APA INI?: Don't underestimate the power of the rakyat. Strangely, taxi drivers the world over are more than usually street-wise and 'chatty' about politics.

Think you better give in to their demands, Umno. Mind you, there's no guarantee that will fetch their votes, of course.

P.B.Win: So what happens if BN fulfils their demands now? Are they going to continue to support Pakatan or BN?

Righteous: You can't blame cabbies for holding the government to blackmail. This is the culture that has been encouraged for many years. Let's not forget that it is more difficult to be principled about politics when you are living below the poverty line.

HYL: Does this mean that after Pakatan wins, the ‘new' government has to fulfil all their demands, even if it's too excessive or unreasonable?

I am not a BN supporter, but it is wrong to threaten or even blackmail any party just to get their demands fulfilled.

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