Friday, 12 October 2012

Najib's motto: Do as I say, not as I do

YOURSAY 'BN takes the price for been the biggest hypocrite. They don't say what they mean and they never mean what they say.'

PM Najib met Soros in New York

your sayFellowMalaysian: It is unbecoming for PM Najib Razak to have met currency trader George Soros in New York on the sly, irrespective of any agenda he might have.

This surreptitiously-held unannounced encounter with Soros conjures thoughts of Najib committing duplicity as well as treachery to the nation and its people.

With the recent denouncing of Soros to the extent of accusing him of pushing for regime change, this revelation of Najib's latest subterfuge could only cast a somber spell on him and his party.

Anonymous #19098644: The BN is the champion of scandals and corruption. It also takes the price for been the biggest hypocrite - consorting with Soros and then blasting Pakatan Rakyat for purportedly consorting with him.

They don't say what they mean and they never mean what they say.

Fair Play: I suppose the PM's private meeting with Soros was a hard slap for former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

While Dr M alleged that Pakatan was a proxy for Soros - but Pakatan claimed that they didn't even know the man, much less met him - here our beloved PM was having a private meeting with the man himself.

How tragic, the PM and Mahathir couldn't even get their act together in their eagerness to embarrass Pakatan.

Anonymous_4031: It looks like Soros will bring sorrows to Najib and Dr M. Their meetings with Soros have been authenticated. So Utusan Malaysia and BN-friendly NGOs which have attacked Pakatan, Suaram and Malaysiakini will have to eat their words.

#27342##65#: Umno must be real desperate to send its president to pay homage to Soros. Mahathir even showcased his inner and outer desire to cease animosity towards the latter, and humbly requested to use Soros' good name for his Global Peace Forum project.

And Ah Jib Gor (brother Najib) with his deficient manner, such as avoiding debate with DSAI (Anwar Ibrahim), has willingly met Soros in secret escorted by an Umno warlord.

Telestai!: Is this what they call "sleeping with the enemy"?

Ferdtan: It is appropriately said that the BN slanders against the opposition are certainly a sign of desperation on the part of the government.
Before GE12, the bogeymen were the Indians (more specifically, Hindu temples were targeted). It backfired with BN losing five states and Pak Lah (Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) sacked from his job.

Now when it comes to GE13, BN tried the same trick against the Chinese. However, it varies a little, this time they out-source the dirty work to Perkasa, while at the same time keep wooing the Indians back to the fold.

Indeed, they just cannot change and the old strategy of ‘divide and rule' remains their only weapon.

The ban of the use of the word of ‘Allah' in BM bibles, the incidents of throwing of the pig's heads into mosques' compounds and the claim of Christians wanting to turn the Malaysia into a Christian state, have shown the ugly side of BN and its supporters.

Their strategy is not working, judging by the crowd which gathered to hear the opposition ceramahs, so now they bring in the Jews; specially a Jew named Soros.

Meanwhile, Pakatan preached harmony and unity of all races and religions. Voters will have to choose which have a greater traction - love or hate?

Quigonbond: That's what happens when people lie. They need to cover up a lot more after that. And things tend to slip past the cracks. Now Umno has to decide whether they are okay and at the same time not okay with Soros.

To me, he's just a businessman - a savvy one at that - and very good at what he's doing. It was systemic weakness in our economy which led to the run on our currency. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

Worse, instead of taking the bitter medicine, we decided to bury our heads under the sand by pulling the ringgit out of international circulation. Our ringgit remains non-tradeable outside Malaysia today.

We have yet to correct the systemic weaknesses in our system while South Korea, which was critically ill back in 1998, has far surpassed us as an innovative and disciplined nation, excelling not only in their industry and sports, but also in their arts and music.

The system is Umno. To change the system, we need Umno in the opposition bench after GE13.

Not Confused: The BN government are just a bunch of hypocritical gangsters out to cling on to power at any cost so that they can continue their plunder of the country and squirrel away as much wealth as they can just in case they need to flee the country at some point in the future.

My advice to them all would be to start negotiations with private aircraft charter companies.

Ex-Wfw: Yes, it is a case of a drowning man grabbing on anything, even if it is just a straw. This is what BN is today.
It has nothing to offer, and as days go by, the more they stick to what they thought was a vote-getter, they find themselves being sucked deeper into the quagmire. They even employ unwanted and failed politicians from the opposition to add to the slogans of lies and half-truths.

They are indeed bankrupt of ideas on how to manage the nation. By the next GE, I just wonder how many rungs would Malaysia have fallen in all aspects of our economic competitiveness.

Swipenter: Soros is now revived as Umno's favourite whipping boy because the race and religion cards are not working as effective as before as Malaysians are more educated and informed.

So they turn their attention to the Jews and foreign NGOs. Soros is a perfect target being a Jew and a fierce proponent of Western-style democracy. Umno is trying to fish votes from those who are anti-anything Jewish and/or Western values.

Doc: Tomorrow's Utusan headline - Soros and Jews have infiltrated Umno! Malays doomed.

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