Monday 22 October 2012

MCA – the champions of petty issues - Iskandar Dzulkarnain

Taking pot-shots at Pakatan leaders for the most trivial issues shows how bankrupt of ideas MCA has become.

When one thinks that the MCA has run out of petty issues to lament about, out of the blue comes another salvo from MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek who now claims that PAS spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat condones rape on women who are not properly attired.

Rummaging through the closet, the party came up with a “four-year-old” issue to try and frighten non-Muslims against voting for PAS, as PAS leaders condone raping any woman who does not cover up, whether Muslim or non-Muslim.

Not only is that a gross insult to a Muslim leader, it is also an insult to all Muslims and non-Muslims as well. Nik Aziz was merely admonishing his Muslim audience on the need to cover up, so as not to invite disaster.

How can that be taken literally as evidence that PAS leaders condone the rape of women who do not dress decently?

Did the Muslims go berserk, and started a raping spree in Kelantan and elsewhere after hearing his speech? Did any Malaysian took Nik Aziz’s speech literally and contemplated a desirous urge to rape, or was it just an isolated case narrowed down to the MCA president that harboured such unhealthy thoughts?

Sometimes, Malaysians would never know how dumb some of our political leaders are, until they open their big mouths.

And to ensure that Malaysian citizens are safe from rape and other immoral sex crimes, MCA thinks that the Chinese should refrain from voting PAS or Pakatan Rakyat.

Caught red-handed on tape

Having forgotten his own humiliating dash with adultery, forever embedded on video and still accessible on YouTube to everyone, he sees it fit to point a finger at other opposition leaders, accusing them of condoning rape.

Now, that is rather sickening and an embarrassment to himself and the MCA.

Until today, everyone including the non-Chinese is stupefied as to how he managed to get himself elected by the same MCA members who made him the MCA president.

In the past 50 years, Chinese rights were seen to have deteriorated to the point that the Chinese themselves felt like second-class citizens.

The MCA flirted with the sentiments of the Chinese, ignoring their plight and simply stood idly by, watching as their rights were being stripped away little by little.

Umno, on the other hand, was seen busily trying to upgrade the rights of the Malays at the expense of other races.

MCA was so comfortable in its seats that it simply forgots about its own countrymen. Power has gone to its head, and it was busy helping itself to the till.

Today, we see two past senior MCA leaders being charged with corruption while the Chinese believe it is only the tip of the iceberg.

The Chinese also see the MCA as playing second fiddle to Umno, contented with a power-sharing formula that allows the latter to lord over the Chinese.

Are the Chinese abandoning the MCA?

Contrary to popular belief, the Chinese did not abandon the MCA, but it was the MCA that has abandoned the Chinese many, many years ago.

Now that the first generation of Chinese voters has dwindled, a disillusioned second generation is not going to give the MCA anymore room to manoeuvre, and is determined to see its timely demise. Yes, MCA MPs would be hard-pressed to keep their 15 seats intact.

If MCA is not harping on the hudud, it will be about Chinese education or backstabbing the opposition.

If MCA leaders were serious about Chinese education, this issue would have been wrapped up ages ago.

And taking pot-shots at Pakatan leaders for the most trivial issues shows how bankrupt of ideas MCA has become. The Chinese are actually shaking their heads in disbelief, whether to laugh or cry at the absurd issues highlighted by their leaders.

And today, Chua is trying to convince himself that Chinese fear of hudud is greater than before. To the Chinese, the issue is no more play-play. The Chinese would now vote for BN. What a big relief for Umno.

Meanwhile, MCA Youth chief Wee Ka Siong is saying that a Pakatan government will take Malaysia back to the Dark Ages. Such vivid imagination! Maybe, we would see more limbless sub-humans walking around like zombies if a Pakatan government ever come to pass?

MCA’s refusal to admit its own mistakes and putting the blame on the “stupid” Chinese for their predicament shows how chauvinistic it has become. Political infighting, greed and power struggles have weakened them.

Instead of wooing back the Chinese with sincerity and humility, the leaders continue to use the politics of fear, race and religion card to scare the Chinese into submission. Do they think the Chinese are as dumb as they are?

A blueprint for the Chinese

There are many issues that are dear to the Chinese that a brain-dead MCA cannot comprehend. These issues are staring at the MCA in the face, yet the MCA remains clueless, let alone champion them.

MCA cannot even dream up a blueprint to upgrade Chinese rights in the country to be on par with the rest of the races.

To the MCA, meritocracy, equal rights, a level playing field, equal opportunities and freedom of worship are not important enough or worth fighting for. The Chinese are comfortable enough and do not need to enjoy such rights.

But the MCA insists that Chinese support the MCA unconditionally, and not changing the status quo or making so many unreasonable demands. The Chinese are supposed to swallow their pride and stop fidgeting for change.

Today, the Chinese feel betrayed by the MCA. To them, the last 50 years have been the dark ages, and many are dying to escape into the light.

The Pakatan’s torch is shining at the end of a dark tunnel. A Malaysia for Malaysians is very appealing and is what everyone wants. Not a nation torn by racial and religious strife that is politically engineered to divide the people.

For too long, Malaysians have been living under an umbrella of lies and corruption, where the wealthy and powerful preyed on the poor and the weak. While the Malays are intent on breaking the Umno chokehold, the Chinese will ensure that MCA never regains its power to oppress the people anymore. The Indians, too, will do their fair bit to rein in the MIC.

A tour guide, trained pilot and naturalist, Iskandar Dzulkarnain has been writing a few years now.

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