Tuesday 9 October 2012

'Let God exact judgment on Utusan'

YOURSAY 'Ethical reporting and keeping the public informed is not a mission of Utusan. Its mission is to stoke racial and religious violence.'

'Utusan lied about church ticking off Penang CM'

your sayDisgusted: The church does not sue as Christ did not advocate it. Just let a ‘yes' be a ‘yes' and a ‘no' be a ‘no'. Anything beyond that is not the truth.

If Utusan Malaysia lies and twists things to suit its political masters then let God bring judgement upon them.

Lies and deceit are part and parcel of BN's modus operandi to get Malays and the uneducated to support them, especially using the mainstream media.

Sadly, these rakyat have no access to alternative media due to the lack of communication facilities, especially those in Sabah, Sarawak and some remote areas of peninsular Malaysia.

Southpaw: Again and again, you two - Lutheran Evangelical Church bishop Solomon Rajah and former Council of Churches Malaysia (CCM) president Thomas Philips - fell for Utusan's trap. Amazing!

Why blame Utusan now? For years, you know how Utusan operates, yet you've willingly given them time and space for the interview.

Tan Kim Keong: By now all of us should know that there are no reporters from Utusan. It only has fabricators, prevaricators and provocateurs disguised as reporters.

Ethical reporting and keeping the public informed is not a mission of Utusan. Its mission is to stoke racial and religious violence. Period.

Swipenter: Utusan cannot stop lying. It is in their DNA. There is no sincerity in their apologies. The best course of action is to expose their lies and make them pay for it.

Paul Warren: You got to forgive these Utusan journalists. Understandably they don't know Christian ethics. They do know their own ethics though, which permit deception.

Tholu: Utusan reporters and journalists can now consider starting writing political fiction novels since their imaginative prowess has reached unbelievable heights.

Guan Eng: Utusan twisted words of church leaders

Odin: The knavish behaviour of the Janus-faced political party was exacerbated by former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who even right now, in his state of senility and dementia, is still illustrating his totally odious character in - to quote just one example - incriminating Malaysiakini.

Malaysia must be exorcised of this total evil once and for all, or else it will hit the bottom. Right now, it is already very close to the bottom.

RAW: In the first paragraph of an earlier article 'Christian leaders to Guan Eng: No politics in church' in Malaysiakini, it was written, "Christian leaders have hit out at DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng for using the church as a political platform."

If this is not true, then Malaysiakini is helping in propagating what is not true. I checked the end of the article to see if the source of the article was "Bernama".

But it was apparently not. A clarification from Malaysiakini on this would be helpful.

Editor's note: The second paragraph in the same report says, "Mingguan Malaysian today reported that Lutheran Evangelical Church bishop Soloman Rajah said a church is a ‘sacred place' which should not be used for political speeches."

As stated, this report is from Mingguan Malaysia - the one that sparked the latest controversy.

Speak out against injustices, Christians urged

Onyourtoes: Penang CM Lim Guan Eng (LGE), Christians never think they are "innocent, pure and not involved in wrongful acts". Where you get this from? That is why we need Christ to die on the cross.

To speak out on ‘justice for all' is the responsibility of all citizens from all faiths, not just Christians. Christians have no higher or lesser responsibility than others to see that justice prevails in this land and the world.

Chuath: Poor LGE, I think he is just appealing to the Christians to be involved in helping bring about a just society.

He could have given the same message to any God-fearing group, including Muslims. I don't think we should pick on words like "even if they think they are innocent" and take it out of context.

We all should care about justice, the poor, safe communities, wrongdoings, corrupt acts, etc. If we don't speak up, then we condone and give permission and are party to the wrongful acts, even if we ourselves are not the ones directly involved.

Jk7462000: There is no one way that fits all. What works for one may not work for another. My way is not the only way. It is just another way and it suits me. It may or may not suit you. You need to discover your own path.

Turning a blind eye to injustice is to encourage injustice. It falls on everyone of us to stand up and be counted.

There are many ways to "fight" injustice but we must all make our voices heard. But never ever turn a blind eye to it...


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