Thursday 11 October 2012

Is the church now more politically inclined?

Recently a few leading national newspapers received ‘letters to the editor’ on the church being more politically inclined.

Citizen Journalists Malaysia (CJMY) spoke to a few church goers on their views on the accusations, and whether they are happy if their church is more politically inclined.

They were also asked whether that politics and spirituality should be strictly divided.

Tay Wah Seng, pastor of Vineyard Church Johor Bahru, has the opinion that Christians nowadays are more aware of their political rights.

He stated that Christians should vote for a just and fair government, but he enthused that the church is still a spiritual entity and it should not be involved in politics.

However, he said church goers, as individuals and citizens, should exercise their political rights.

Entrepreneur Chin Kwok Foo was very clear about his opinion that politics should not be preach in church but said, good values taught in church can be used in the political arena.

Richard Yeoh, area distributor of Aitello products, said that the church in his opinion is trying to level the political playing field.

He, as a third generation Malaysian Chinese was not happy with being called a ‘pendatang’ by certain politicians.

He said the present government is harping too much on the 3Rs, which is race, royalty and religion. 

According to him, he said Christians should come out to be accounted for.

Dr Liew Tuan Hock mentioned that he has never once heard his pastor spoke on politics.

However, he did say that his pastor advised the congregation to vote based on a politician’s good values.

He said the church should not be involved in politics, but he as a church goer, he has his own rights as an individual and a citizen.

He said that is also true for church leaders, such as a pastor.

Voting is a pastor’s right too, and that does mean he is involving his church in politics, but he is exercising his individual rights as a citizen.

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