Thursday 11 October 2012

Hello, Christians form the majority in Sarawak

YOURSAY 'The 18 fundamental points of Sarawak prior to joining Malaya didn't say it is to be turned into an Islamic state.'

Nasha: S'wak polls led to 'Christian state' prayers

your sayBoiling Mud: Former PAS deputy president Nasharuddin Mat Isa, it may be your right to defend Islam, but it is enshrined in the constitution for other religions to be practiced under the Malaysian sun as well.

So what is so wrong about Christians celebrating an event in their thanksgiving prayers? Isn't it enough that Hindu and Taoist temples are being dismantled under the pretext of development? Isn't it enough to deny permits to build places of worship for Hindu, Christians, Buddhists and people professing other faiths?

A fanatic like you is a menace to peace and harmony of the country.

Odin: Islam indeed has to be protected - from the likes of Nasharuddin who have portrayed it as a religion that promotes hatred, violence and injustice. And Christians, the enemies of Allah?

Nasharuddin is totally ignorant of how Islam evolved. Allah is the Arabic word used to refer to the deity that the Jews initially called El, then El Shaddai, then Yahweh. El Shaddai is ‘God Almighty' in English. Christians believe in, and worship, that deity. So, how could Christians be enemies of Allah?

I am certain that Nasharuddin was not telling the truth, that he was merely cooking up things to put the DAP and Christians in a bad light. He is clearly another version of Jati chief Hasan Ali and Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali.

The problem with him and the likes of him is that they are so afraid of Christianity and Christians that they have lost their ability to exercise logic and thus regurgitate pure nonsense.

Common sense tells us that even if the Pakatan Rakyat coalition gets into power after GE13, there is no way that Malaysia can be turned into a Christian country for the simple reason that the majority of those in the cabinet as well as in the opposition, which would be the current BN, would not only be non-Christians but mostly Muslims as well.

Let us also not forget that whereas Christians make up only around 10 percent of the population and Muslims make up more than 60 percent. He can make his pronouncement to the uninformed Muslims in some far-flung kampong and he may be believed. Not elsewhere.

Jaguh: If Sarawak has 60 percent Christians, 25 percent Muslims and the rest of 'others', how can Sarawak ever be a Muslim state? And why fear Christianity?

Mathematically, if we take the whole of Malaysia, there is no way there will ever be a Christian majority. There are more Buddhists and Hindus, which this Bachok MP seems to have forgotten.

JBGUY: Nasharuddin has shown his true colours. After having lost to Mat Sabu, he is now aligned to Umno and he is using Islam to derail Pakatan's unity.

He claims he is fighting in the name of Islam, but has he sounded out the rather un-Islamic actions of Umno? PAS should get rid of such traitors.

Muhd Zahir Ahmad: Yes, defend Islam. It is asked for by the religion. But please do so with some morsel of intelligence.

If you want to accuse, please provide proof. Then maybe you will get somewhere. Blatant accusations that are baseless will only be seen as incitement. Malaysians are a more intelligent lot these days.

Telestai!: Who is the enemy of Islam? Who is Allah's enemy? It is people like you, Nasha. People who deliberately mislead Muslims into thinking that Christians and other non-Muslims are out to marginalise and enslave them.

You lied through your teeth to cause animosity amongst Malaysians and will not stop until you see bloodshed. Islam teaches its followers to co-exist peacefully with others and yet you chose to do the devil's bidding by creating trouble.

Who is the traitor of Islam? It is you, Nasha.

Chipmunk: Nasha, Sarawak has a majority of Christian population so what is wrong for Christians to pray and give thanks to our God Almighty?

So you consider Christians as enemies of Allah? Did Allah teach you to hate your enemies? Well, Jesus taught us to love our enemies. So maybe you either do not know your own religion well or you are interpreting something that you yourself cannot understand.

You are causing a divide between Christians and Muslims and for that, you should be banished from Malaysia. Go live in Afghanistan. Your expertise may be needed there.

Onyourtoes: Assuming for a moment your accusation was true, I just want to ask you, do Christians have the freedom to pray and petition their God according to His will?

Can you stop Christians from praying? Can you stop Christians from what to pray and what not to pray? Who are you to do so?

Then you have to prove your accusation. Don't just accuse, prove it. We know you are desperate or probably have compromised your loyalty and principles. Frankly, God need no protection from depraved men.

Black Mamba: In Sarawak and Sabah, the majority are Christians. If they didn't joined the Federation in 1963 they would remain as Christian states.

The 18 fundamental points of Sarawak prior to joining Malaya didn't say it is to be turned into an Islamic state either.

Paul Warren: Nasha, Christians also have been praying for the head of the Islamic religion in Malaysia - the king, the sultans, the prime minister and the leaders of the country - which includes you as well.

If you think these Christian prayers must not be said as they can contaminate the sanctity of Muslims, please say so and maybe the Christians can have a shorter service every Sunday.

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