Saturday, 20 October 2012

For Umno princelings, criminal cases can be 'settled'

YOURSAY 'Nazri, you would have done better if you had allowed the book to be thrown at your son. Not so much for your sake, but for your son's sake.'

Nazri's son, bodyguard assault case 'resolved'

your sayWira: It is unthinkable that criminal offences can be settled out of court. Out of court settlement is only for civil suits and civil disputes.

Society is expected to exact a punishment on a felon regardless whether he has RM100 million in his bank account. I suppose such generosity is applicable if you are the children of an Umno minister.

Anonymous #18452573: Here is another in the hundreds of cases where Umno-MCA-MIC-BN elites live by different laws from the rest of us Malays, Chinese and Indians whom they claim to fight and defend.

In this case, only the elites such as Mohamad Nedim Nazri was protected and the lowly security guard having to let the matter be solved "amicably" with no justice really being served for such gangsterism.

Ngecui: The moment a non-meritocracy system was imposed by this regime, it also planted the seeds of all-round elitist injustice too. When such ethos as sleazy as this is extolled, the impending ruination is 100 percent assured. Why should anyone be surprised at all?

Queenie: Minister in the PM's Department Nazri Abdul Aziz, you would have done better if you had allowed the book to be thrown at your son. Not so much for your sake, but for your son's sake.

Now he will live life thinking always that he is above the law, no thanks to you. Have you never heard of good parenting? Spare the rod and spoil the child, I'd say.

Abuminable: Some people cannot handle drinking. A bit of alcohol and they become aggressive, sometimes violent. Others cannot handle money and power, especially if they never earned it but were handed these privileges by their parents.

A glaring question remains unanswered: how can a young fellow like Nedim afford to drive a Porsche? And why must his bodyguard follow him in a luxury SUV?

Were the Porsche and SUV birthday gifts from his minister father? If so, how much is a minister paid that he can live like a casino king? Should we even bother mentioning MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission)? I don't think so.

By now, it's more than clear that MACC exists only to serve as Umno's Gestapo - to intimidate and harass, even torture and ‘murder' opposition members.

In my opinion, when Pakatan Rakyat takes over the federal government, MACC must be dismantled. In its place, we only require a Whistleblower Protection Act and a free, unfettered media which can highlight serious cases of misconduct and bring them to public attention.

Opah: Can a criminal case be "resolved amicably"? I thought only civil cases can be settled through mutual agreement.

In a criminal case, it is between the perpetrator and the police. If the police have enough evidence then the culprit should be charged, otherwise he or she is declared innocent.

So I guess Nedim's case was "resolved amicably" with the police, not with the assaulted victim.

KJ John: Nedim must be charged in court and only released by the courts; otherwise the police are closing one eye. Come on, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, you are a lawyer; not a liar.

Bluemountains: Umnoputras are above the law? A criminal offence was committed and therefore the law must be applied, irrespective of whether he is the son of a minister or not. Ever wonder why Umno-BN are being rejected by Malaysians?

Karma: Assault is a criminal case. Posing as royalty is also a criminal case. How can parties just resolved it among themselves? It smelled of a cover-up.

There was a CCTV recording. Indded, all guilty ones must be brought to justice.

Can the police stop all cases if the victim or family of victims resolved among themselves? Can the state stop charging the suspect if they resolved among themselves?

Changeagent: Notice how Hishammuddin's reply states that only Nedim's former bodyguard was investigated in the assault incident in Mont Kiara condominium.

As usual, the CCTV evidence had disappeared, the victim was pressured to drop charges, and another Umno princeling let off the hook with his alleged despicable behaviour going unpunished.

Louis: What choice has the security guard? Go to the police? When do we ever see the police successfully arrest and convict children or siblings of Umno top leaders for committing crimes?

Remember the brother of a minister who was caught with drugs? What is the outcome of the investigation?

For the guard, a better choice is to settle the case outside. Most probably, he can be rewarded with a few ringgit. Something is better than nothing, right?

Dark Knight: I am the 113rd person in Malaysiakini to comment on this matter. Hishammuddin and Nazri should be charged and brought to trial for miscarriage of justice. If not stopped now, they will continue to abuse the laws of Malaysia.

Abasir: The cigar-chomping Nedim's mugshot is a perfect reflection of all that is Umno. It should be plastered on every wall during the coming polls to remind people that this is exactly what the regime represents.

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